Serious sam 2

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The origins of the game we found about trey years ago when out of curiosity I searched the internet a 3D shooter and I saw pictures of this game. At least for me I decided to go to a store that sell a lot of different games and to my surprise I found this game for sale.

Serious Sam was not just a game for me was a passion of a mode of relaxation and joy as the age that I find extraordinary graphics for its time, but now when I started playing Serious Sam 2 understand that that game was and is continuous improvement and the intro works very much in it.

But let the past and talk more about this serious game is very great.

Serious Sam has a great graphic that is very charming but you have very many resources to have an enjoyable gaming experience without jerky images and other bottlenecks. Your system must have at least one GB of RAM (DDR) a special video card with the newest generation graphics accelerator.

The details that you provide this game is amazing from past series famous people instead of bombs exploding head when you meet, scheletroni, prehistoric people, a lot of objects to be found and hidden the player places a lot of levels to be reported. Spiders to be killed and children are everywhere are very well done, special effects and sounds that you would be horrified as flying witches, green frogs jumping everywhere are very amazing.

Serious Sam has a lot of weapons and are deadly enemies grenade throwers, rocket launchers (my favorite) parrot flying, but will not spoil the surprise and will let you discover them themselves.

I will recomand to you this game, good action game


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