Dare To Compare – Two Electronic Reading Devices

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The world around us is diving into electronics from every aspect. Even books are turning into electronics which make them a great environmental initiative as we save on trees. There are a few companies who make electronics to view ebooks and each of them have something different to offer, making the choice up to you.

Ebooks are books that have been turned into electronic books for sale on the internet or they were always in electronic form. You can download many ebooks right off the internet and onto your reading device. People love reading devices because there is no more need for bulky book travel as you can store hundreds of books right on your mini reading system. It is handy and function able for many to use.

There are two companies competing to create the ideal reading system. The first one is called the Kindle Wireless Reading Device. It has a six inch display and is global wireless. It is a 3G which means that you will have no monthly fees, contract or the need to look for wireless internet access. The screen and words read just like a book with no glare. This system can also read aloud to you, it can read blogs, newspapers and books. It is as thin as a magazine and lighter than a paperback, which makes it a great size for travel and use. It has a battery life of about a week, which is an improvement from its previous model.

The Sony Reader Touch Edition and the Reader Pocket Edition are two new reading systems of the Sony empire. They look trendy and come in many colors. The pocket edition is very small and it can actually fit into your pocket! It has a two week battery life, perfect for a road trip or vacation on a beach. You can access Oxford`s dictionary to check words. You can take notes with a pen right on the device, change the font sizes to what you like, and there are new slots for memory sticks, the PRO Duo and a SD card. The ink also looks just like a book with no glare thanks to new technology. Both systems also feature the ability to translate into the French language. The reading devices come with accessories that can go with each one for additional fees.

Both of these reading devices offer something to the avid reader. The Kindle offers 3G service that means you can download a book anytime and anywhere, the only down side is that it is a bit big and has a shorter battery life then the Sony. The Sony however as some extra features such as the note taking and dictionary and looks amazing with its small size and has a long battery life, but does not support the 3G technology as Kindle does.

So if you`re comfortable downloading books at home and transferring them over to Sony`s Reader series then one of those devices might be just perfect for you, and if you want to get books at anytime and point then you might find the Kindle is right.

Whichever system you choose, you will find that reading ebooks is a great new idea and concept that allow us to read as we want to; without destroying paper and without carrying around heavy books.

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