I am Blessed, Let Me Count The Ways

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There are so many problems in the world. If we focus all our attention on it, we would just end up dying with a frown on our faces. That is why I choose to name the blessings I own rather than counting all the miseries I have experienced. Despite all the problems around, still I could say that we are very blessed and let me count the ways:

10. Imperfect Family.

Even if I do not have a perfect family, somehow I could say that I am blessed of having a father, a mother, a grandmother and my siblings. Honestly, mine is probably the worst type of family one could hope for. But at least I belong to a certain folks. I am not one of those people who wander on the streets and that is worth celebrating.

9. Friends – Both Real  and Virtual.

            There are times when I prefer to be a loner than to mingle with other people. However, I have realized that some people are actually considering me as one of their trusted friends. I never expected this much because trusting is somehow shaky for me. I easily trust a person but once I get offended, I would always feel betrayal. I am unforgiving to those who offend me. And I have the tendency to feel grudge over them. However, there are friends who stick to the real value of trust and confidentiality. My virtual friends in the Triond world are also worth to be thankful for. Cheers!

8. Educational Attainment.

            I’m still not contented with the degree I possess and that I still dream of taking up a Master’s degree and Law,  nevertheless having finished a 5-year engineering course is worth to be proud of. There are those who can’t even read.

7. Writing Skills.

            I am sure there are lots of people in the world who are much better than me in writing. But there also lots of people in the world who do not even know how to hold a pen. So, is it not worth to gratify about my little potentials in writing? Anyways, I enjoy doing it and that’s what is most important!

6. Undreamed Job.

            Honestly, I am still not convinced that I have landed in my dream job. There are even a lot of times when I think of quitting from this job. But seeing the news featuring pools of jobless people around the world searching for the least job possible, I came to realize that I am more than blessed about the job I have. I have been pampered by the company as well. They provided me free lodging in the guesthouse with a big room, free transportation to the local town, free vitamins every month, etc. My salary is more than twice the minimum national wage actually. Now, I am able to buy material things I could not buy before, I am able to support the education of my two sisters who are both in college, and I am able to send money at home for the renovation of our house. I think these things are more than enough to say that my job is a blessing.

5. Extra Gifts.

            I often disregard what people praise me about. They say I am a talented person. Maybe I am. I do paint. I do sing and I have sung on stage many times already since high school. And they say I am creative in everything that I do. But too bad I often get blinded to appreciate it because I long too much to have more of it. I felt like I am just a trying-hard person who has no expertise at all. Though I felt I am just a mediocre person, possessing these natural gifts is already a blessing. I never asked for it in the first place, it just stirs my interest and that give me joy.

4. Physical Appearance.

            Well, I have no reason to boast about my appearance because I don’t have the looks of a model. However when I counted all the necessary parts on my face, I knew that nothing is missing. That alone is a very good reason to be confident on how I look like.

3. Good Health.

            I agree that I have so incompetent in terms of any physical sports. I am not sickly though.

2. Emotional Issues.

            “Control your emotions so that it won’t control you”, this is a line from a movie Star Trek. It is very true. In fact, I am guilty of violating this. I am often being controlled by what I feel. Oftentimes, I experience feeling the extremes of happiness or sadness. At times, when I feel upset, lots of my activities are affected. The day would seem to be so unlucky. How I deal with other people, though unintentionally, is also affected. I would usually become tactless. However, during any of these extreme feelings, I could say that I am productive. These are the times when I am very in the mood to paint and/or write.

1. Real Life.

            The fact that I wake up every morning seeing a crumpled blanket, it is a good reason to be happy. It simply means, I am physically, emotionally and mentally healthy capable of taking full advantage of all the blessings life has to offer.


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