Start The Engine on Track – What I Should do in 2010

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Start the Engine on Track

It’s the first day of 2010. I woke up with peacefulness in my head and decided not to report to the office today. What a relief! It’s a holiday anyways. Staring at the empty planner I recently bought, I was thinking what I should write on those blank pages. What urged me buy such thick blue-cloth covered planner was to make plans and strategies in advance. My goal is to improve the things that I did in the previous years and perhaps challenge myself with things I have not done before. Very mind-screeching indeed! But there are lots of areas of my life that need to be sand-papered.

So, let me start with my writing and blogging. Last year, the average number of articles I made is 4 in a month. Although statistically speaking, this is not the real case. There are days when I felt lazy writing an article actually. But in October, November and December I felt so inspired and I was able to complete 9, 9 and 28 articles, respectively.

The following are my published blogs in October:

  1. Job and His Tests
  2. Antigone and The Conflict with Creon
  3. A Desperate Love Story
  4. How to Think Like Da Vinci
  5. Evolution of Books
  6. The Lost Symbol Reflection
  7. Enjoy Pain
  8. Ei Goes to Paradise
  9. Toastmasters International Formally Unveils Pillars TMC

The following are my published blogs in November:

  1. Spot of The Philippines in November 2009
  2. 20 More Chairs to Cheers
  3. Lend Me a Tenor
  4. Messiah – The Summary of Oratorio
  5. Lust Haiku
  6. Watching Flightplan with a Sigh of Relief
  7. Sexuality in Different Perspectives
  8. John Travolta in Phenomenon
  9. Nothing But a Pig

The following are my published blogs in December:

  1. Greatest Michaels of All Time

  2. Be Careful What You Wish For

  3. Read the Guidelines or Else You’d be Sorry

  4. Seven Deadly Sins

  5. Homeless Women
  6. Avatar – James Cameron is a Genius!
  7. Just an Ordinary Night
  8. Not a Puppet or a Slave
  9. Diseases Affecting Children



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