Make Your Home Free From Obstacles

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Home based on principles of Vaastu-Shastra accelerates the progress in life of all the family members. Anything against Vaastu-Shastra disturbs the family life and breaks the smooth progress. Most of people build their home according to their own plan or desire. They don’t know anything about Vaastu-Shastra and disobey the principles. This hampers the progress and disturbs the family life.

You would have seen people are well established, they have various sources of income, but they don’t lead peaceful life. They get frequent disturbances. They themselves don’t know how disturbances come again and again. The one and only one reason is that they haven’t made their home according to Vaastu-Shastra. This is also a science which gives knowledge to make the home free from obstacles.

There should not be any resources of water in the south of the home. Source of water in south of home disturbs the health of family member, especially mother and elder sister. This hampers the career life and health of elder son of the family also to a great extent. Source of water should be made in north-east corner. It will increase sources of income day by day. Septic tank should be made in south west corner of west side of the home. Septic tank made in south east corner disturbs the career and marriage life of the elder son.

There should not be blank space in south side of the home. More blank spaces in south side disturb the peace of family. The wall of east side should be higher than the west side. If this is opposite, it always disturbs the head member of the family. There should not be main entrance facing south. It always invites disturbances to disturb the peace of the family. The slop for flow of water should be from south to north. The opposite of it brings the disturbances to disturb the family life.

These are some of the basics which should be strictly followed. Anything against of this disturbs the peace and progress of the family. Based on above fundamentals will give progress to all the family members


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