My First Police Encounter

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Last December 26, 2009 it was Saturday, my sister ask me to go with her to buy DVD player and her other needs. First, we dropped by in some stores to choose the items. Yet, she didn’t like anything from the first three stores we visited. However, by 1 o’clock in the afternoon, we already bought the DVD player, microphone and the blanket she likes. After that, we were visiting another store, which is selling blouses. And that was where the circumstances begun.

It was exactly 2’0clock pm, we enter the unknown store to buy a blouse of my sister. And because we already brought along the purchased items, we left them at the baggage counter. We were given a number, then we started choosing blouses. We pick one blouse to another, until we reached to a woman, whom aged 47 years old. The woman fitted the pants, blouses and anything she liked to try. Then, suddenly the woman looked at me and then to my sister. Later, she acted like a nervous dog which don’t know what to say, and don’t know what she look for too. Surprised to her reaction, I guess her mind by asking, “Are you looking for your bag?” And she said, “yes, where is my bag?” We helped her finding her bag, and alas! we’ve found it just hanging on the blouse stand. I whispered to my sister saying that, “It seems she is stupid. Can you imagine she simply hung her bag as if she’s in the house?” And we laugh secretly at her.

We continue our shopping. We choose blouses for my sister, but after 20 minutes or more, the woman whom we helped to look for her bag approaches us, and search her wallet in us. We were shocked but not afraid. We asked her about what she was talking about? Why she is looking for her wallet with us? And she search our bags, and even told the store guard about what happened to her wallet. In short, we were held at the store, until the three police officers arrived. They investigated the case, and later invited us to the police station. I was so angry inside, but I have nothing to do except crying. You know a woman is? Sometimes, being a woman is irritable. We were not ashamed since we know that we are innocent. But we are very upset with that woman.

We ride the police car with a siren. And I told the office to stop it because people at the street were looking at us. And my request, however was granted. That was imbarassing.

During the investigation, I was so hysterical. I have no idea about it, honestly. I wonder why we were not asked, only the woman was allowed to speak, and it came to my self-realization that we are not the complainant. We were the suspects. And guess what, I even was scolded by the police chief because of my attitude, which I tried to control, yet it just came out. Maybe, because of my disappointment to the situation. Like, I answer even I was not the one being asked, especially when the woman lie. Such manner is not right. But can you blame me? I cried, such police was very harsh too, especially when he tried to link us to the prisoners? Wow! I was really feeling freak.

My mind thought about embarasshment to the people who knew us, especially if our name will be written at the report book or being held at the Carbon Poline Station, Cebu City, with very smelly environment, perhaps toilet room, and to be with the people, who maybe innocent or not. I was also thinking about maybe, we will be released by Monday since that was Saturday. So, we will be sleeping at that station for two to three nights? Anyway, we are innocent, and thank’s God we were released after 1 or 2 hours, and also after being searched. And you know what? The woman who accused us was crying. Maybe, she just as if crying so that we will not file a case agains her. We actually not do it. All we want is to go home. I had forgiven that woman for God. But my older sister is really angry to her. I just hope she can forgive her someday. I can’t remember the woman’s name, since I have no intention to remember her. Yet, I cannot forget her face. She’s coming from San Fernando, Cebu City, Philippines. A teacher perse for fourth year high school level in that place.

Such event was really really bad. Before the end of 2009, we were teased by the time. My faith, my control, and my attitude towards the situation. That was a bad experience, and the lessons that I learned from such encounter were; never smile to the strangers. Do not answer when you are not ask. Have faith to God, and learn to forgive, despite of the damage might be done.

Guys when you also come to Cebu or anywhere, please do not just hung your bag at the store. Keep it in your shoulder. WATCH YOUR BELONGINGS.


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