Healthy Drinks in Place of Soda/Pop for Weight Loss

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America these days are in love with sodas/pops. Commercials about them are on about all the time. Fast food places serves them like with McDonald, it’s included in the meals in order to save you some money. Grocery stores have a section full of them. If you are one of those people that are tempted to get one because you hate getting thirsty, think about this. Ever notice that every time you gulp one down, you get more crazy on drinking more of those babies? Once in a great while, I personally drink some but I drink other stuff way more than the canned sugar stuff. It’s loaded with cane sugar kind. Here are my ideas and what I like that is pretty healthy to drink.

1. Korean ginseng tea- They come in neat packets where you can use them anytime you want in their portable sachet of it. Rip one and dump them in either cold or hot water. I prefer them in hot water. I suggest that you might want to first try it out only once and see if you like it. There is the side effect though which I didn’t experience it yet. Drink it during the early days instead of close to your sleeping time.

2. Soymilk/Cow’s Milk- Soymilk is what lactose intolerance people might prefer. Even though I am not lactose intolerance, I like how they are much more healthier and better for you in my opinion. I don’t suggest giving soymilk to babies on a daily basis. I once was told some couple did it to their baby and it had nutrient deficiencies due to too much soymilk given to the baby. Babies are not allowed to have cow’s milk until after a year old. Same thing with honey due to botulism poisoning. Cow’s milk have casein which is great for bulking up for being a bodybuilder. If you are against drinking cow’s milk, stick with soy milk.

3. Juices and Smoothies- Cranberry juice are good for your urinary tract since it may prevent you from getting urinary tract infections. Cleans your system out very well which is great. Smoothies are another great option since mixing real fruits whether frozen or fresh with yogurt, ice, and whatever you want in it are great alternative to sodas/pops.

4. Green/Black tea or any kind of tea- Studies had shown that it’s great to drink them throughout the day on a recent study. Even though it have caffeine, it is much better than coffee in my opinion. I prefer tea over coffee any day. Any other kind of teas are better for you in the end. I especially like jasmine and jasmine green tea. Having those two tea in together taste great and healthy as well.

5. Soups- It is in some way consider beverage to me because it is something to drink whether it have food in it or not. But stay away from cream based ones such as clam chowder for daily basis but once in a while of having it is ok.

Whatever you choose from this list, I hope that you decide to ditch the sodas/pops especially if it is diet. Diet sodas/pops contain aspartame which is not good for your body. Go research about it at google for some more information about aspartame. Drink healthy and have fun with it. It’s great to use when on a weight loss program.


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