How to preserve beauty

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   Basically, there are three ways to preserve beauty forever in the “old days”, amazingly, these three ways are also three forms of art: painting, music and writing.

   Nowadays, as camera came up, taking picture is probably the most efficient way to preserve any forms of beauty except sound. Now, I will briefly talk about those three ancient ways.

   In painting, the generally used way to reveal what the artist sees, has been well established in renaissance time, and basic technique is “paint” whatever in your eyes, although, people have found different meanings and ways to look at the paintings by Davin ci , Raffaello and other masters in that time, however, even under perfect protection, there still will come a day when people can not clearly see what the picture is all about, that is the weakness of painting, although most powerful compares to music and writing, it does not last forever, and although people can copy them, but the real beauty, as some experts said, “ can only be found in masterpiece”.

   In music, things are different here. Unless pop music in 21century, symphonies and pianos and other forms are enjoyable only people like it, and furthermore, music can only be used to express emotion, a beauty inside the artist’s heart: his feeling and life, not the same beauty outside, like human appearance and nature. However, the advantage that we have in this time, is the ability to inherit the sound, cause the notes on the paper have been copied a million times, so even the beginner can enjoy and play those masterpieces, if they can. But still music, will probably last longer than painting in the form of beauty.

   At last, writing. Personally, I think literature can do the best job here. To present a touchable person, although require a high level of technique, is possible comparing to music. To illustrate how, I will recommend you read “uncle Tom’s cabin”, by Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in 1852. In this book, author used a lot of efforts to describe Evangeline:

“Her form was the perfection of childish beauty, without its usual chubbiness and squareness of outline. There was about it an undulating and aerial grace….”

  Here is important to notice, the order that the author presented Evangeline’s appearance

: form(outline)- face- head-neck-bust-hair-face(personality). You probably have already noticed here, this is exactly how people look at each other when the first time they met. In this way, people feel like that the figure that author is describing was so alive, and real, although short of detail visual impact like painting, but people can feel the emotion and image at the same time, which made writing, as a form of art, unique. In the manner of preserving, words are probably the easiest way to spread, just look at the example of holy bible, approximately 2000 years ago, now the book is almost in everywhere where people believes.


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