Pin-Thin Is Not In

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Nowadays, it is an insult to most people if you call them “fat” or “obese.” The issue of weight has become sensitive that it affects a lot of people, most especially teenage girls. These girls try to avoid this derogation by subjecting themselves to different methods to stay “pin- thin,” even if that means becoming anorexic or bulimic. It has caused an alarm among society and among parents.

The “pin- thin” trend can be traced back to the Victorian Era of the 1900s. Women conformed to the idea that the “hourglass” figure was the norm. They had to wear painfully tight corsets just to achieve the look. While corsets made them look better, those also took a toll on their bodies. Stories were told that organs were injured and damaged due to the constriction that the corsets did.

The trend was replaced over time. But that did not mean that the desire to be “pin- thin” was left behind in the 1900s, too. As the world of fashion evolved, the ideal body shape did, too. Now, a size 2, or even a size 0, is the perfect cut. The clothes that fashion designers make are patterned from and for models that look like they eat almost nothing at all. It is as if their clothes are exclusive only to those who can fit in them. Even if designers do not intend to set this standard, the fact is that they have already set it. This standard reflects in the skinny celebrities who wear their designs, and the young girls who look up to these celebrities.

It was roughly a month ago that famous supermodel Kate Moss, who has been criticized for her pin- like figure, too, said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Her simple statement sparked an outrage almost everywhere. This kind of statements, which young girls observe and listen to, can and does define a whole new lifestyle- an unhealthy lifestyle. What young girls need are a higher self- esteem and appreciation for their body, and the understanding that not everything that celebrities are is “cool.” Celebrities are not all that. One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis said, “Anorexia is not a fashion statement. It is a disease.” In this case, the “pin- thin” trend is the disease, and this disease is not worth catching.


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