How to use twitter deck?

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Twitter is a well known social networking site. Its popularity is equal to the other networking site as well known as Facebook. Twitter, in order to improve its competitiveness, always tries to improve and add its feature such as by adding the feature called Tweeter deck. Twitter deck is an application that is running on the platform of Adobe Air. This application allows you to manage the account of your twitter. This twitter deck is also a free application that is able to be accessed by any one but having a twitter account. It also features the cross platform for the possibility to improve your application in twitter. The twitter deck enables you to make a group of your followers in some categories such as the social, mates, and professional and so on.

Twitter deck is a very nice application because it makes you able to follow any one who follows you in turn. It is a fair exchange and it makes the social networking become more fun. But, the most important thing is maybe the possibility to track the people who follow you and put them in a separated group. This application is also important because it allows you to open a different list of categories in a single window. You simply need to take your followers and add the followers to their category so that you can sort them very easily.

Since the twitter deck is a free soft ware that is available to be downloaded freely, you can access it very easily. It is a great phenomenon because this application is available to be put and installed in both hand phone and computer or pc. The application of the twitter deck is an example of the tools available in the Twitter so that any time you open the twitter deck, you can load information to the deck. To install the Twitter deck on the computer is notably easy just as you install the other kinds of software and applications in the computer. Meanwhile, on the hand phone, you need to consider the support of the phones and the reliability of the phone to support the application of the Twitter deck. Usually, the more advance the phones just as what are now being a trend is eligible to support this application. Overall, the twitter deck is very superior. It is easy to customize. It is also able to be minimized so that you can concentrate on your works.


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