Quit the Smoking Habit

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Is it your health? Maybe it’s the health of your loved ones? Or was it, your boss decided your job was going smoke free?

What ever the reasons do your homework. Planning ahead for your first smokeless day is essential for your success.
Here are a few tips to try if your resolution was to quit.

Set a date:

  • The best way to succeed in anything is to set a date. Goals keep us focused and determined. It also gives you time to get a plan of action.

Select smoking cessation program:

  • Your state, your community or the American Cancer Society can offer smoking cessation programs. Check them out and let their knowledge and support help you.According to the American Cancer Society, “Symptoms usually start within a few hours of the last cigarette and peak about 2 to 3 days later when most of the nicotine and its by-products are out of the body. Withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days to up to several weeks. They will get better every day that you stay smoke-free.”You can get a list of symptoms on their website. Be prepared for what you can expect. I have given the link in the resource section.

Prepare for cravings:

  • Like any habit the urge to have will hit. Since you’ve set the date have a plan of action to combat those cravings. What is the root cause of your cigarette habit? Is it stress, boredom, pier pressure etc…And when do you smoke the most cigarettes? Answering these questions will help you set a plan of action to stop those cravings. If it is with your first cup of coffee in the morning, you may have to change your morning routine. If it is in the break room at work, go outside for a breath of fresh air. Change up what you are doing when you’d have that cigarette. Some people find that holding an artificial cigarette helps, chewing sugarless gum or nicotine gum works for others. Some might use a simple piece of hard candy.Be prepared, have a little of each close at hand so you reach for that instead of the cigarette.

Support Group:

  • Have your non smoking friends and family be your support system. If your friends smoke ask them ahead of time to restrain from smoking around you.

Starting Day:

  • Your day has arrived to be smoke free. On that day, remove yourself totally from cigarettes and their habit. No ashtrays, partial packs of cigarettes or lighter/matches. Have essential oils around that suppress the urge to smoke (Sandalwood, Orange, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Marjoram, Grapefruit) or help with the head ache (Lavender, Bergamot & Frankincense)you might get. Good luck and healthy breathing.

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