All about baldness.

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Baldness,either total or partial has been a condition,that mostly affects males,and a few scarce number of females,thank goodness,or nature for sparing them.

In some studies about baldness ,it is indicated that the reason for this happens to be that hair growth is more abundant on scalps that contain more female hormones,which are determined to be nourishment for hair follicles.

Another major version of hair loss is genetically inherited,and there is a limited remedy for this in some cases by practicing a daily discipline of squeezing the skin of the scalp in a manner that will keep it from attaching further to the skull,thus choking the hair follicles that get short on blood flow,causing the hair to fall off and not regrow.

But this aforementioned discipline must be started at a young age,because although hair does have a falling and regrowth cycle,most of the hair you may shed in the process of balding,you may only see it back on your head in old photos of younger days.Like I said this is for that specific instance where the scalp develops a tendency to get stuck to the top of the skull’s cranial bones.

Besides the scalp massage,it is also very benefitial to shampoo with a brand that will provide you the best results,which is something quite personal  as  with any product you may apply anywhere in your body.

Equally good as a preventive measure is brushing,for this it is preferable to use a brush made with boar’s hair or any other natural bristle,of medium hardness,as opposed to hard plastic brushes,which will scratch the scalp,rather than stimulating healthy blood flow to the hair.An additional good idea is to keep your hair short if you see that it is falling,it might decrease ,and in some less serious cases stop hair loss.

Hair that gets dry and frizzy,also known as corpse hair,because of the similarity to that dry hair that keeps growing on a dead body;can get remedied by utilizing a hair shine product,made of wax to keep the adequate nourishment.

Now last but not least,when hair is finally lost,either completely or partially;we may have lost the battle but not the war.In the last instance,partial loss,on certain types of hair; the strands from the good growth area,usually on the sides of the head can be creatively combed to cover up bald patches,this technique is known wittily as a” loan.” These loans run from a minor one,to others that look like the man is wearing a beret,and some extreme ones where he gives himself a hair style that looks like an onion.

Also partial bald spots can be covered with a small wig that you can style mixing it with your own hair,these small hair pieces are known by many as “spiders”,for obvious reasons.

Now,going to the most extreme cases,for baldness on top of the head,or on the entire skull,there is in the market a wide variety of wigs,known colloquially as “rugs”,and these may work for some individuals ,but on others they look frankly fake.The best wig I ever saw was something that looked like a cap made of curly hair,that the guy wore on his head,and you couldn’t tell at all.

And for those that don’t accept the slavery that imlies gluing on a wig everyday,there are hair implants,also in a great variety of qualities and prices,where you submit to a procedure that is practically surgical,but it puts the hair back on your head.The cheaper ones leave a “doll hair”effect,and the best ones are more expensive;but if you get any of these try to get some sort of replacement guarantee,because some of them will not last.

And then if you want to get practical,you can accept you baldness,and live with it,or enhance it even more by fully shaving your head,if you possess that type of head that can increase your looks and personality,such as was the case with Yul Brynner or Telly Savalas.


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