The worlds tallest building. The Burj Dubai opens.

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Monday heralds the long awaited opening of the vast superstucture, the Burj Dubai, built in the United Arab Erimates.  It is the tallest man made structure ever.   Built for the sum of $4.1 billion it illustrates another feat of mankind. No resident will ever the need to step out the self contained building once they have moved in.  A resident, after waking up in their own luxurious aptartment may enjoy a morning tea and catch the early news.  From their apartment door they may take the gravity defying double deaker elivator to an office on another floor.  After a hard days slog in the office they may replinish in one of its restuarants. And if i were them i would enjoy the view from the comforting outdoor swimming pool.  Should it rain one can move to the indoor swimming pool. For those inclined to exercise, another floor contains a gym.  And for the party lovers a proposed nightclub is being considered.  It small city encased in a concreate and steal ediface.

The Burj is the centrepiece of a large mixed use development.  Burj, the aribic word for tower will rewrite the parametres of how superstructures will be constucted in the future.  This development  includes the building of 30,000 new homes to entice people to live in the area. It is also a tourist hotspot, encouraging commerce and providing jobs.

With the first residents moving in this month they may head staight for the worlds highest outdoor observation deck.  Or boast about ascending in the worlds fasted elivator.  Which also happens to be double decker.    Some residents will enjoy the view from the worlds highest occupied floor.   The worlds highest free standing man made point is visible from helicopters and those with 20/20 vision.  But how long this behemoth will stand as the tallest building is open to speculation.  It has been tallest man made structure since 7th april 2007.  With proposed new dreamscapes thoughout the eastern hemishpere it may not so tall for so long.  The visonary bionic tower at 1128 metres and the propsed solar tower in Austraila at 1000 meters may put the Burj Dubai in the shade.  The empire state building proudly stood as the worlds tallest building for 42 years.  How long will the Burj stand overlooking the world?


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