Using FreX Frequency Therapy for Your Dog

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Today, there are many options to choose from if your dog becomes unwell. Most people are aware of many complimentary therapies available for dogs like chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathics, and nutrition. Veterinarian care, using medications are available, of course, as well. People have also become educated about T-Touch, Quantum-Touch, Qi-Gong, and Reiki, as well as applied and learned some of these technologies themselves to use on their dogs and their whole family. For my pack, I utilize all these things, as well as a tool I’ve learned of just in the past year, FreX.

FreX is a program that delivers sounds to your computer speakers in a particular order, to rid the body of cells making your dog (or you!) ill. The frequencies used were developed by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930’s. Essentially, the frequencies follow the same idea as the opera singer who burst the champagne flute from across the room with only her voice singing a particular note (high C). Dr. Rife discovered that all cells resonate at particular frequencies and, if placed at that frequency longer than about 160 seconds, the cell wall will burst, just as the champagne flute did.

Dr. Rife published his findings in several magazines including The Smithsonian, Popular Science and The Journal Of Dr. Cooperson and Dr. Clayton, all which include the fact that Dr. Rife found he could cure cancer using non-invasive means! When I discovered that one of my dogs, Moe, a10 year old female toy poodle, had liver cancer and was in danger of renal failure, I went through all the resources I could find on the subject and finally found FreX. I followed instructions and joined the online support group and just kept going with everything for two weeks. I “FreXed” her twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for those two weeks. She seemed to feel better after just six hours of the Frex working and I was impressed with that alone.

Over the course of the next three days, she became much as she was when just a pup! I questioned the support group about his, who all rejoiced, saying that she was now well – take her back to the vets to check. I made the appointment with the vet, but couldn’t get in without an emergency for ten more days. He told me to “keep her comfortable” and that he’d see me then. Over the following ten days leading to the appointment, she continued to behave like a very healthy puppy with LOTS of energy.

When we got in for the appointment, the vet did x-rays, ultrasounds, and felt over and over for the tumor. There was nothing. He called in a second vet to double-check his findings. She also found absolutely nothing. There was not a single sign of the cancer they’d found just two weeks earlier. When they asked about what I was doing for Moe to get these remarkable results, I told them about FreX. Probably, my vet is the only one in the world right now who sells this fantastic program!

Where cancer is an extreme example, we’ve also used FreX for things like muscle spasms, dental problems (foci or parasites), ear infections, deworming and detox, itchy paws, getting rid of fleas and ticks, digestive problems like gas, and a host of other things. In our pack the first line of defense is nutrition, through a raw food diet, and second-in-command is FreX. We use it in conjunction with the other healing sounds from, of course, and where applicable any of the other holistic modalities available to us.

Using FreX is easy. You open it up, search for the dis-ease causing problems, then add it to the buffer. After you’ve selected all the frequency sets you’d like to run, simply load it into the buffer, then click start. That opens another window where you can adjust the sound level (I recommend you turn this down to almost nothing before you click run, then adjust the sound level from there, as some of the frequencies just plain hurt your ears if they’re too loud). Then click “run.” That’s it! It’s running and weakening those cell walls of the harmful microbes causing the dis-ease in your dog’s (or your own!) body. I created a step-by-step video of how to do this at

In our pack, we found that staying in the same room as the sounds gives better results than if you turn them on and leave the room. Typically, we see our dogs feel better within a four to six hour time period. Where this tools is a fantastic addition to our toolset in wellness, we do work with a holistic veterinarian who encourages exploration of complimentary therapies. We’ve had some great results with this combination of tools and want to share!

For more information about how I care for my dogs, please visit or search the site you’re on now for more articles I’ve written.  

Disclosure Statement: I am not a veterinarian; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery. I am a freelance journalist writing about my experiences with my own dogs, incorporating many different complimentary tools found for my own dogs to overcome potential health concerns I have for them. I have been keeping a journal of my findings since July of 1996; I have been privileged to work with several hundred other canines and their families in a wide range of life situations as of the writing of this statement and will gladly provide references should you desire them. Your dog(s) may benefit from the care I’ve provided my own dogs, based on knowledge gained through this experience, courses taken/taught, and animal communication.   My role is that of facilitator, assisting you and your dog(s) to attain or maintain a naturally healthy state. The specific results you may see, should you decide to try some of what we’ve done in our family, will be different for each animal.  In addition to the articles I write and publish, I also teach massage, Usui Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Animal Communication to owners, caretakers, and practitioners; sell products for animals in these and other holistic and vibrational modalities; provide references to other animal communicators and practitioners.


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