Best Movie Theaters in Greensboro, NC

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So you’ve grown tired of watching the latest movie releases bootlegged off the internet and want to go out and have a real theater experience again huh? It’s ok I won’t tell anybody about your own personal theater but I can maybe help wean you off the teat of free movies by going over the best movie theater options in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Grand 18 at Four Seasons Station

By the slightest of margins I’m going to put the Grand 18 at Four Seasons in the number one spot. The Four Seasons in the new kid on the block, (if the kid was a giant movie theater that sprawled across a vast expanse) and it has already position itself as the premiere location in Greensboro to go and see a movie. What I love about this theater is that it has the widest selection of movies to choose from. Just about any major movie that is out right now is playing at this theater.  It is also located right next to the Four Seasons Mall for easy access if you want to catch a flick after you shop. It is usually very clean and offers many different showtimes even late night. That is a huge sell for me I love going to the movies at eleven or midnight when less people are in attendance. On the downside, this theater can get very crowded which means more hassle parking your car (though not too bad) and the tickets are expensive (7.50 for a student, around 9.00 for an adult). But overall this is the best theater to go see the latest blockbuster or if you want a variety to choose from. Just don’t go all the time if you like having cash in your wallet.

Regal Grande 16

In the second spot we have the Regal Grande 16 on Northline Avenue the smaller, slightly less expensive option to the Four Seasons. What I like about this theater is that it also has a nice location in the Friendly shopping center area and it is kept in good condition. When major movies come out the Grande will usually offer many showtimes per day giving you a better chance to get a ticket before they sell out. I don’t like that the theater never has showings past eleven o’clock and it is often missing some movies that the other ones in the area are carrying and usually are ones that I would like to see.

Carousel Grande

The Carousel Grande on Battleground Ave looks run down let’s just get that out of the way and the inside of the theater usually smells weird. But on a good note the Carousel will show smaller films that the other theaters in the area ignore completely and has my all important late showings. It is very easy to get to if you just get on Battleground and drive downtown a bit past Edward McKay and is usually not too crowded. If you like to see the good films that don’t have mega-budget promotions behind them this theater is the best bet to have what you’re looking for.

Carmike 18

It is hard for me to place the Carmike 18 on Koger Blvd. as I have never been there personally. From what I gather from friends is that it is a decent theater that has an out of the way location tucked away in some business park. It might be higher on the list than the Carousel and by looking at today’s showtimes it has just about the same selection as the Regal Grande. So I’ll put this theater here but feel free to venture out.


Some people hate this theater because it is small, kind of a dump, and doesn’t feature stadium seating. I don’t mind this theater for certain movies. This is my choice if I do go to an early showing or if I want to see a movie that has been out for awhile. The reason? It is a few bucks cheaper. If you want to just see a movie with no frills or extras to speak of this isn’t a bad bet. It’s in the Brassfield shopping center that is at the intersection of Battleground Ave. and New Garden Rd. It take the last spot because it is small, not very modern, and has a limited selection. But hey just sit down and watch the movie and you’ll be fine.


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