How To Detect Internal Bleeding and Give Aid

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Do you know what to do in the event someone is bleeding internally? Do you know what signs to look for that indicate internal bleeding? This quick guide will give you the signs to look for and the step to take to aid the patient to safety.

* ice

* cold cloths

* ice water

* very calm demeanor

In internal bleeding, usually the bleeding is not seen, but the condition may be determined by the symptoms presented by the patient. Internal bleeding is very serious and tends to carry a high rate of fatality. With this in mind it is very important to use caution when assisting someone who may be bleeding internally. Try to keep your cool and keep in mind that the patient needs you  – his or her life may depened upon your actions at that given moment.The symptoms of internal bleeding are as follows:

Cold or clammy skin, Faintness, Pale Face, Dilated Pupils, Cold Skin, thirst, Shallow and Irregular Breathing, Clouded Vision, Weak and Rapid Pulse, Dizziness later followed by loss of consciousness. The severity of the symptoms is dependent upon the amount and quickness at which blood loss occurs.

Lay the patient down with the head placed lower than the body. If there is an evident fracture of the skull then make sure that the head is raised above body level.

Apply ice or cold soaked cloths to the body in the area from which you thinm the bleeding is coming from.

Do not give stimulants unless absolutely necessary.


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