Memory Malfunctions

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          Have you ever been caught up in a situation paying for your groceries at a supermart? Everything was routine until you seem to doubt if the cashier gave you the correct change and receipt of purchase. You left the store asking yourself have you given a £20 or a £10 bill and if nobody took advantage of the fact that you forgot to retain that split second of memory while you were handling the payment to the cashier.

          Such situation may seem trivial when a small amount is at stake. The problem is, what if it could mean life or death, say for example you forgot to remember if you have taken your medicine for the day. You do that everyday so there’s that possibility that the memory of yesterday may get tangled with today so even if you have just taken one dosage, it compelled you to take another hence the overdose. Hmmmnnn, what could be worse? Of course everyone at one time forgets where they got the car keys. Some often forgot to lock the door when they leave home or to brush their teeth before going to work. Would it be possible for somebody to forget wearing an underwear? It doesn’t matter I suppose so long as you are in a hot environment.

          The bizaare thing reminds me of a doctor who performed a caesarean operation and the operating staff failed to account a small scissor inside the patient. On the technical side, an airplane has crashed because the aircraft mechanic forgot to return the fastening bolt on a control surface of the aircraft so the pilot lost control of the plane. There had also been countless mishaps related to pilot’s failure to correctly compute the remaining fuel aboard a flight so the plane failed to land in one piece. So what could be worse if you’re a blogger and you forgot to blog? I couldn’t see any serious issues I suppose except losing the opportunity to get that usual happy feeling of being able to write and interact with friends returning comments. To my friends in writing, you will forever be confined in my thinking and though I may not remember you all simultaneously, I’m trying to get back to you one at a time. I will carry on with my memory of each and everyone to the new year and I wish you all the best for the years to come. May the future in blogging be brighter  upon us all.


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