Bizaare Love Triangle

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            As the lines of song say, love makes the world go around. It often does, in fact much worse than that. Think of it as the point of oblivion much worse than the Bermuda Triangle, when you get affected it could be for better or for worse, no doubt it was integrated in the very words of a marriage ceremony. Some got out of it and some didn’t, while others mastered it to the effect that they could either pass from one relationship to the next. I wouldn’t complicate my topic talking about love in humans which is an indirect alibi for sex (or is it?). What comes to my mind is to touch about love in its pure, natural form. Of course in the animal kingdom, love isn’t being given due attention the way we make fantasies out of it. I will take into consideration the bizaare sexual/mating procedures of some of the wild’s unique animals.

Black Widow Eats Mate

              The Black Widow is a name given to spiders in the genus Latrodectus and has been called by names according to locations from which they are found such as the Western Black Widow (Western U.S. Regions), Southern Black Widow (U.S. and Mexico), Northern Black Widow and the European Black Widow. As we were familiarized with these spiders, we knew that females consume the male after courtship/ mating. It is for the fact that females usually appear twice in size than males which allows for such cannibalistic behaviour to succeed. Even in the animal kingdom size does matter. Not much about the reproductive organ of course where it could be literally “eaten”.

Praying Mantis Eats Mate After Sex

              Praying Mantis is a predatory insect with nearly 2,200 species around the world. These insects belong to the order mantodea or mantises spread over 9 families in temperate and tropical habitats (Wikipedia). The cannibalistic nature of these insects could be better described as similar to the black widow spider. The female have the tendency to consume part or the whole male partner after mating rituals. Now who could better get such fulfilment which reaches its peak at death after sex?

Anacondas in a Breeding Ball

              Anacondas are reputedly the world’s largest snakes found in tropical South America. The green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) being the largest among a family of boas had been the subject of most studies with specimens reaching 30 ft long. Most of these snakes stay on swampy areas, rivers and lakes to wait for their prey and in most cases to mate. The mating ritual is consisted of a “breeding ball” with a female pairing with as many as a dozen male coiled against each other either submerged underwater or buried on the muddy swamp surface. Now tell me who gets the best fulfilment out of that sexual mating contest with 1 against 12. I presume a homosexual anaconda could even join to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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