Sorority Life Cheats for Facebook; Cheat Codes that Work, Plus Tips and Tricks

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Sorority Life is a Facebook game application similar to YoVille and Farmville, this time allowing you to be a sister in a sorority. Using the right cheat codes, tips and tricks will allow you to get many sisters to join your sorority, allow you to build experience coins, plus let you accumulate cash and coins.

Getting Sorority Sisters in Sorority Life for Facebook

One fast way to get sisters is to invite all of your Facebook friends. You can do this either through Facebook, or throught he Sorority Life game application. Many of your friends will join, allowing you to play the game with your Facebook friends. You can accumulate up to 500 sisters in your sorority.

Costume Party Cheat in Sorority Life for Facebook

When throwing a costume party, each party attendant is given a list of 10 items they need to find. You can cheat by viewing this list before the party begins, allowing you to be ahead of the game. Before the party starts, look through the curtain. You will be able to look at your list of items, so either memorize them or write them down. As soon as the party starts, don’t worry about socializing, but instead look for these 10 items quickly. By finding your 10 items fast, you will earn tons of glam points that would otherwise not be available.

Throwing Parties in Sorority Life for Facebook

Throwing parties and functions is another way to get tons of sisters. Throw social events as much as possible, preferably once per day. Have parties, dinners, costume parties, dances, and any other event you enjoy. Throwing as least one social event each day will quickly allow you to meet the maximum 500 sisters goal.

Having successful parties will earn you glam points which can be used to glam up your home and sorority, cash you can spend on the sisters and the house, and a handful of influence points for each event. Influence points in Sorority Life are important, as they allow you to gain respect in the community, making girls envy and want to join your sorority. For each party you throw, you will also earn energy points, which keep your life and health levels high. The parties also allow you to level up quickly, allowing you to reach level 10 in one day, if you dedicate time to the game.


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