Best Night Clubs in Greensboro, NC

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If you are a resident or just a visitor to Greensboro, North Carolina you may find yourself at some point having the urge to go out and party. If you have the connections you can usually find a house party to have fun at on any given night but you will not find the same experience that you would at a standard night club for better or worse. Nightlife in Greensboro is on the more inexpensive side than their major city counterparts but you can usually count on spending around ten dollars for a cover charge for a guy and between six to ten dollars for a mixed drink. Most of the list will be concentrated downtown, except for Jabs which is closer to the UNC-Greensboro campus. Suit up in your best outfit and let’s take a tour of the best nightclubs in Greensboro (in no particular order).

N Club was the first club I ever went to when I was 18 years old and it is still amongst the best in the city when you’re looking for a good time. It is located on South Elm Street downtown. When you get past the door there is a central room that is flanked by bars on two sides and leads down a few stairs to the fairly large dance floor. Upstairs is the Red Room where you have to be 21 to access if you are a guy and the ladies are free to enter no matter the age. The Red Room is a laid back lounge area with a full bar lots of seats and is the place to be inside the club if you enjoy the whole having a conversation thing. Behind two glass doors there is a railing that overlooks the dance floor below but you’re rarely allowed to stand out there. I have seen people out there before but who knows the actual policy? Anyways, college night/ladies night is on Wednesday and Saturday night is usually a packed house ready to have a good time.

On the negative side, the N Club is always extremely full on Saturday night making it nearly impossible to move around the club and a challenge not to step on someone’s new shoes and risk starting a problem. On the website it has also re-branded itself as Greensboro’s number one hip-hop nightclub. It has always played plenty of rap music but it usually had a good mix of other stuff too. I haven’t been back here in quite awhile so I can’t say for sure whether it has totally shifted its focus or if it is the same club it has been in the past.

Greene Street Bar is a nice place to see live bands perform before the actual club opens up. Thursday nights are college nights and when the semester is in session you will usually find a pretty nice sized crowd. It features three levels to choose from. First is the main bar area and dance floor. The DJ sits on top of a small stage while everyone dances below. There are a few chairs and tables on the first floor but not many. If you want to sit back and relax in a booth with some of your friends head up to the second floor which features two bars, pool tables, and a TV with a large screen to watch any games that might be on late night. The third floor is the Roof complex that features two bars both of them covered but everything is open air and plenty of patio table and deck space to overlook the street below. The Roof is generally 21 and over but it used to be open to all when I first started going there as a youngster so the policy has changed. The problem with Greene Street is that it is really hit and miss with the crowds it gets very busy during holiday parties like the fourth of July and on college night but is very often dead on Saturdays and for a night club that is unacceptable.

Inferno is also on South Elm Street almost right across from N Club. Inferno is a nice change of pace from other night clubs in Greensboro as there is usually a more fun atmosphere and less posturing going on amongst the patrons. The DJ will play hits from the 70’s up to the latest hits and it is usually a good mix of older people and college age. There are three bars and is plenty of seating around the dance floor that is slightly elevated above the rest of the club. I have no bad things to say about it really except that it can get boring sometimes although I have never been there and had it be empty when I arrived so to each his own I guess.

Jabs Ultra Bar is located on West Lee Street. I have only been here once and yes I was the only white guy in there but it was a nice club to party at. It’s one floor and there is lots of space to dance and the drink service didn’t take too long at all. I went there when during a party hosted by a fraternity so maybe that explains the energy, the place was definitely rocking that night. My only complaint was that the line took forever to get inside of the club and the parking around that area is no good once the main lot is full. I wish I could provide more details but has really been a long time since then.

Those are the main options for attending a night club in Greensboro. There is also Heaven which is on the roof of Much located right next to N Club on South Elm Street and Lotus Lounge. Both of these establishments are fairly new and I have only been to Lotus Lounge and it was on a Tuesday night. Needless to say it was completely dead but it did have a nice set up but the surrounding area seemed kind of run down. So if you ever are in the Greensboro area and want to check out the nightlife scene this list will give you plenty of room to operate on almost any night of the week. Just remember to dress nice and arrive early to receive any deals on the cover charge.


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