Decorating with Eyesores and Nostalgic Pieces You Can’t Part With

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There are many people that have things that they absolutely love and cannot part with. Sometimes there are things that are built into the home that cannot be changed, because of financial or zoning restrictions. These things are not necessarily the most coordinated items, when the color and design scheme they have chosen, or that they desire, for their room or home is considered. This can be a frustrating situation.

When there are a lot of objects like this in the home; there is only one thing that you can do. You must evaluate the situation in its entirety and determine what time period most of these items belong to. You must then decide to decorate this space with this time period as the theme. Or you must design your scheme to–at the very least be symbiotic with this time period. The best way to rearrange your room is to start out with a blank canvas. Remove everything from your room. Already have in your mind a clear image of how you want your finished room to look like, or how it must look based on the objects that you cannot change.  This is what you must carry over into your new design.

The knick-knacks, vases and photographs on the mantel are often the first eye-catching element in the room and set the tone for your entire decorative scheme. It is always best to go with tradition and simplicity in the number of items you display on your mantel. This will create a feeling of peace and balance to your whole design. It will cause people to respect your design, even if you are an amateur designer.


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