Five Delicious Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Five Delicious Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Who said that snacks have to taste awful to make you lose weight?  You don’t need to sacrifice the good taste of snacks.   If you snack well during the day, then there’s less tendency of overeating during meals.

The important things to remember about snacking are:  the portion, the kind of snack, and substitution.  What does substitution mean?  It means always thinking “what could be a better and healthier snack alternative for this” when you are faced with cravings.

Here are 5 healthy snacks that are great substitutes for the unhealthy snacks, and taste just as great!

  1. Popcorn: I’ve been an “advocate” of encouraging popcorn as snack.  Microwaved popcorns are high in fat and sodium, the best popcorn is always the one that’s homemade.  You can eat it plain, lightly salted or seasoned with your favorite seasoning.  Moderation is the key.  Season the popcorn to give it taste but don’t overdo it.   You will enjoy your tasty popcorn and at the same time benefit from the high fiber it contains.  For your quick reference here is a great homemade popcorn recipe.
  2. Fruits: the best snack to have.  Always have fruits at home so you can snack at anytime you need.  Banana, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit, apples, oranges – these are packed with nutrients that will help get rid of the excess weight!
  3. Homemade muffins: The trick is to take your favorite muffin recipe and substitute with healthier ingredients.  That is the beauty of making your own muffins at home – you can mix and match any ingredient you like!  And if you really love chocolates, you can still put chocolate chips in your muffins, just lessen them.  For example, instead of putting 1 cup chocolate chips, make it a ¼ cup chocolate chips, ¼ cup cranberries, ¼ cup sliced almonds, ¼ cup whole oats.  This way you even get a more delicious, and much healthier muffin!  So, “dieting” is not equal to “suffering”.  An effective way of dieting is to substitute well and watch the portions.  Carrot muffins are healthy too. Here is a delicious carrot muffin recipe for you.
  4. Fruit Smoothies: If you have a craving for ice cream or sweet desserts, try making a fruit smoothie a home.  Just remember to substitute the “bad things” with “good things”.  For example, instead of putting sugar, put yogurt instead.  There are so many delicious smoothies you can make by combining different fruits.  This article teaches how to make a quick 2-minute smoothie.
  5. Homemade French fries: If you miss the savory goodness of deep fried French fries, try making your own French fries at home.  It is not as hard as it seems.  You can enjoy delicious French fries without guilt!  Here is a recipe for healthy French fries.

You can still have fun while dieting and eat the foods you enjoy.  But always substitute and choose the healthiest alternative possible.


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