Panda Global Protection 2010

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Panda Global Protection 2010 can provide comprehensive security for your PC and your operating system. This security program not only provides protection, but also treatment with the process of data backup and optimism.
If you have updated global panda protection may work best to protect the operating system from viruses and trojans as well as prevent spam that continues to enter your inbox, but for the update process is the same as the previous version took a long time, either when the search process of downloading updates or update their own .
There are five types of protection given this program is anti-virus, firewall, identity protection, vulnerabilities and anti-spam Antivirus can work both behind the scenes. Each found a virus on your PC, the program will notify you via a pop up window. Scanning process can also be done manually. Select the drive and then scan. You can also do it from the menu kenteks. Open windows explorer right click the folder or drive you want scanned and click “scan with panda Global Protection 2010” false alarm during the scan found some applications, an antivirus program and update virus programs considered.

Firewalls are also working actively in all forms memprotect activities that could interfere with the PC. Firewall performance can be found in the “report” the rules you can make in the settings so you can separate the couple a few programs to still be on the access to the internet so that does not get blocked by Panda. For email, anti-spam works very well, you activate the anti-spam feature. Your inbox will be free of spam sometimes there is also an email from a forum that also lost to the spam folder. But very few in number. Antispam is working quite effectively but also the function of the negative impacts of e-mail client will work very slow because every email will be scanned before the filter into several folders.

Other functions can work well to keep the identity protection of data your login. His report can display all the statistical activities on a PC. Although the process of start-up windows does not change the speed, but overall Panda involving operating system performance.
Conclusion safety program complete with features to satisfy but would be better if the operation of this program is not too disturbing system performance.


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