He’s A Cheater

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This article is a simple How To spot the signs of a cheater. Intuition plays a big part in this method, we all have intuition tapping into it is the key to unlocking the truth about him and his deep dark secrets…

Behavior. Be Alert. Take note of his actions and changes in behavior however slight they may be. If he has suddenly become argumentative or overly nice – these are sure signs that something might be wrong. If he seems to all of a sudden, be bothered by the presence of your family or close friends (cheaters tend to feel that your close family/friends can “read” them and quickly spot their dirty secrets. If he acts differently in front of certain friends – especially the one you feel questionable about anyway. A cheaters behavior is the first sign and tell all. Be Alert. Know when his actions are different and know when he is over compensating (yes most of them do have a moment or two of guilt. Cheaters will fall in to one of two categories when they are in the act of deceit (1) Obvious Ingrate or (2) Over Compensating Sap.

An Obvious Ingrate is almost always cheating on you with a younger person or a person who is directly parallel in opposite of you (fat/skinny wild/timid) Trust me on this one I have done the math. Obvious Ingrates (OI) tend to tell it all through their actions and constant bickering with you over little issues (time of the day, your cooking, and your choice of dress). An OI tends to give double-handed compliments – “That looks nice on you considering the size you had to get it in.” An OI will spark an argument where there wasn’t any fire. They tend to be competitive and combative in an inappropriate manner. An OI is classically ungrateful and tends to demean his partner by comparing him/her to others or slyly making jokes (in social settings) that belittle or compare their partner to others of the same sex. An OI constantly demeans his partner for sport. My findings in regard to the behaviors of an OI suggest that this behavior is a simple reflection of his own insecurities (sexual, aging, finances, vanity) this type of cheater does not know how to deal with the inevitabilities of life (consequences, aging, environmental change) and is very uncomfortable with change as it concerns those around him namely – You. An IO although uncomfortable with change will immediately start changing and picking up the characteristics of his new mate (speaking differently, dressing differently, change of routine more/less gym time) . IO behavior is not only textbook but is also classically pathetic.

Over Compensating Sap (OCS). The OCS is noted for being suddenly over generous and shockingly understanding. This cheater is oblivious to the change in his behavior and expects you to simply be both foolish and grateful for his newfound generosity. An OCS will relish in his new found spirit of generosity and at this time you will be handsomely rewarded with gifts, heart to heart talks, a sympathetic ear and an occasional mopping of the house and vacuuming too if you know how play it. An OCS is a dream come true by comparison, to an OI yet he too is evil. Deceitful and lacking good judgment.

Both an OI and an OCS are relentless in their actions and will take no prisoners. Lover beware. These cheaters put you at risk and in some cases fatal results have occurred. When a partner cheats, it is not so much the act itself but more so the lasting repercussions…When a man cheats, he is being both dishonest and dangerous. A cheater lies and thereby takes away your option to make an informed decision on whether or not you want to remain in a relationship with him. A cheater can give you AIDS. Be smart and when he cheats leave. You can find someone who will value you enough not to cheat. When he cheats leave – because your life is too important. You are an example to those who value you. What kind of example are you?

* Never confront your mate with your findings if you believe that he may become violent or otherwise abusive

* Snooping is not illegal if done within the parameters of the law according to your state.


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