Green salad with avocado and cucumber

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Green salad with avocado and cucumber is for everybody`s taste. After New Year`s dishes and rich tables full with delicious meat dishes it is high time to prepare something different. This salad is very fresh and suitable for making diets. The ingredients are good for your health and you can use the salad as addition to different dishes with meat. It is not expensive to prepare the salad. It serves 4. The most important thing is that the time for its preparation is only 15 minutes. While preparing the main dish you can prepare the salad,too.


1 green salad

1 avocado

1 green cucumber

15 green olives

10 radish

Pieces of crabs

1 Lemon

Olive oil

Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

First wash the green salad and then put it into pieces. Wash the avocado and peel it. After that you have to cut the avocado into equal pieces. Wash and peel the cucumber. Chop it finely. Peel the lemon and cut it into slices. Wash and cut the radish into thin slices. It is time to prepare the salad. In beautiful plates put the green salad first. Then place the avocado pieces and add the cucumber. Salt to taste and add some olive oil. Then add the radish slices and the pieces of crabs. If you want you can taste the salad mixture once again and if there is a need , you can salt it again. Decorate the salad with the green olives and the lemon slices. Enjoy the salad with a glass of rakia or vodka!


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