How to Spot The 5 Warning Signs He May Be Dangerous For You

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  1. Does he tend to anger quickly/ often? Do little things that would otherwise be considered trivial tend to anger him to a point that you feel uncomfortable?
  2. Does he try to influence you to do things that you find to be uncomfortable/unsafe?
  3. Does he need to consume alcohol or drugs in order to have a “good time”? Besides the illegality of drug use does his alcohol consumption make you uncomfortable?
  4. Is he physically or verbally abusive? Does he call you names or demeans your character? (whether privately or publicly this is a sign)Does he have a hand problem – this requires a simple yes or no answer.
  5. Does he tend to jealous (of you or others)and self centered – worried about his comfort and satisfaction at all costs? If so this too is a danger sign.

We are living in a time in which personal liberty is at the forefront. You have choices and the power to make the changes neccessary to live a life fulfiiled. The five signs in this article should be held in consideration when evaluating your partner. You should be aware of the difference between a level headed guy and an explosive guy. The difference is easy to spot and should very well be taken seroiously. You don;’t have to “change” someone in order for them to be your mate, your perfect match exists already made and waiting for you – You just have to find him.

Violence is never the answer – Please call 911 if you feel you need help

Never accept abuse

Find a safe haven – help is out there


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