Country Story Cheats for Facebook; Cheat Codes That Work, Plus Tips and Tricks

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Country Story is a popular Facebook game application, allowing you to play this entertaining game while also interacting with your Facebook friends. Similar to YoVille for Facebook, this game takes on a country approach, allowing you to live the simple country life.

Earning Friendship Points in Country Story for Facebook

Friendship points are an important part of the game, as they allow you to socialize and make acquaintances. To gain fast friendship points in Country Story, it is important to give gifts to your neighbors regularly. Give them an gift thats worth about 100 coins, anything you have on hand, and you will quickly accumulate the maximum of 10 friendship points for the day. Each 100-coin gift will earn you 1 friendship point, meaning you can give up to 10 gifts each day.

Completing Quests in Country Story for Facebook

Quests are another important part of the game. An easy quest is the accumulation of 15 friendship points in one day. This means you need to find 15 friends, and give each of them a gift. To gain friends quickly, invite all of your Facebook friends to play Country Story. This can be done through your Facebook or Country Story account, and often a friend will join, even if they do not intend to play.

Using your friends to assist in a crop harvest is another task. Give all of your friends gifts prior to asking for their help. Then, ask your Country Story friends for assistance, and they will gladly help to harvest your crops.


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