How a Washer Dryer Combo can save you Money

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Why buy two separate appliances when one will work just fine? Development of a combo washer dryer has reached the point where they are now affordable for all homeowners and make doing the laundry much more convenient. They also make great space savers for people where the laundry facilities are very cramped.

The washer dryer combo works just like individual units except that it is actually two appliances in one. First, the washer will completely clean your clothes and then without having to do anything the machine will start the drying cycle. No longer do you have to physically switch the load of clothes from the washer to the dryer. In fact, you can put the clothes in and leave the house completely as both jobs get done.

The first step in purchasing a washer dryer combo is setting a budget and check out the many websites available.

If you think you can’t afford this kind of washer dryer combination, think again. There are models which sell for close to $1500 but there are also other brand names which retail for much less. The Whirlpool Top Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer is listed at some web sites for as little as $350 and the General Electric Profile Top Load All-in-One Washer/Dryer starts at around $500. Either one would be an excellent choice for someone looking to save money and save space.

While you still need the plumbing and electrical of a full-sized set, these units are great for small spaces like closets or hallways. If you live in a multi-story space, combos are a convenient addition for a master suite or children’s area.

Next, when shopping for a washer dryer combo you must find out if you are able to vent the dryer to the outside. When the dryer can be vented it will perform much better but if there is no way to vent the unit to the outside there are still viable alternatives. New vent less units that use steam to dry the clothes will fit in the tiniest of places and are perfect for people in small apartments or a vacation home.

Finally, determine what features you want in your unit. When the washer dryer combo units first came out, people complained that there were few choices for wash and dry cycles but that is no longer the case. Most of the newer units come with multiple wash cycles for hand washable items, permanent press and large loads. There are also a variety of drying methods from low to high heat and anti-wrinkle settings.


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