The Wrestling Career of CM Punk

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American professional wrestler CM Punk first began wrestling in the mid 1990s. His and his friends performed in a non-professional wrestling federation called the Lunatic Wrestling Federation.

When Punk left the federation he enrolled at the “Steel Domain,” a wrestling school in Chicago. Here he was trained by Ace Steel, Kevin Quinn and Danny Dominion to become a professional wrestler.

He began his early wrestling career with Independent Wrestling Association: Mid-South (IWA: Mid-South). While wrestling with IWA, Punk won the IWA: Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship, two times. On five different occasions he won the IWA: Mid-South Heavyweight Championship. Between February of 2003 and May 2004, Punk refused to wrestle. When he returned he continued to act as a commenter and perform as a wrestler.

He joined NWA Total Nonstop Action (TNA), along with Ring of Honor. At the Second Anniversary show, to crown the first ROH Pure Champion, Punk came in second. Along with Colt Cabana he won the ROH Tag Team Championship, twice. After much rumor and controversy, he quit TNA officially in March of 2005.

In ROH, Punk had a three match series against ROH World Champion Somoa Joe. Joe defeated Punk in the third match. In June 2005, he beat Austin Aries for the ROH Championship at ‘Death before Dishonor III.’ Also during June he signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Pink became the OVW Television Champion on November 9th, 2005. OVW is Ohio Valley Wrestling; it is a developmental territory of WWE. A few months later, he lost the title to Albright. In May 2006, Punk was able to win the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

Punk, along with Seth Skyfire, won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship. A month latter, they lost the title. At the end of August, Punk lost the OVW Heavyweight Championship Title to Chet ‘Chet the Jet’ Jablonski. He was then moved from OVW to WWE, full time.

Punk made his ECW debut on June 24th 29006. He went on survive elimination in Survivor Series, and was the first person eliminated in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, for the ECW World Championship.

Punk appeared on both RAW and SmackDown ad competed in WrestleMania XXIII, but did not win. He won his first pay-per-view singles match at Judgment Day 2007, by defeating Elijah Burke.

Punk won the ECW Championship on November 6th 2007. He retained his title at Survivor Series, in a Triple Threat match. He was defeated by Chavo Guerrero on January 22nd 2008 in a No disqualification match. He again lost his title. During WrestleMania XXIV, he won the ‘Money in the Bank’ ladder match.

Some of Punks signature and finishing moves include the G.T.S. (Go To Sleep), Anaconda Vise, Double Underhook Backbreaker, Crucifix Neck crank, Pepsi Plunge, .45 Special and Devil Lock.


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