The "N" and "O" Vehicles Location Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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This sort of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas version of the Lincoln Continental from the early 1990s.
Speed and handling: Not much special here. Average speed with maybe a slightly better-than-average takeoff. Seems able to absorb some damage, though. Handling is fair. Not great on sharp turns, but doesn’t usually spin out of control all over the place.
Locations:Not an extremely common vehicle, but that’s okay since you’re not likely to really need it for anything. I’ve spotted a Nebula in Los Santos and San Fierro just cruising around, but I’ve never seen one parked anywhere specific.


The Nevada is a big, two-propeller plane based upon a Douglas airplane as far as I can tell.
Speed and handling: Has a very slow takeoff and takes turns sluggishly. Perhaps the slowest aircraft in San Andreas when it comes to taking off. Once it gets going, it has a decent overall speed.
Locations:There is a Nevada at the airport in San Fierro, but it will remain locked until you have earned your pilot’s license.

News Chopper

One of the hardest vehicles to obtain in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And it’s really not worth the effort.
Speed and handling: The News Chopper is basically a version of the Maverick, but it seems a little more difficult to fly because the controls seem a little too loose, if that makes sense. Basically, the News Chopper responds far too well to the controls.
Locations:That I know of, from gameplay and online research, there are only two ways to get the News Chopper. One way is to get a four-star wanted level and then try to hijack a News Chopper when it comes near you, which is almost impossible. The other way to get a News Chopper is to start the Whirly Bird Waypoint race (in Las Venturas) and then fail the race on purpose by saving the News Chopper at your desert airstrip hangar.

News Van

It’s a News Van. There’s a big satellite dish on the roof. It’s not a great vehicle, but it’s not the worst.
Speed and handling: Actually, the News Van has decent speed and acceleration, and it’s handling could be worse. But it feels top-heavy and flips onto its side or top with relative ease, especially since its braking capabilities are awful.
Locations: The News Van isn’t the most common vehicle in San Andreas, but they can spawn just about anywhere except the deep desert, mountains and woods. There is almost always a News Van atop Missionary Hill in the parking lot next to the building where the tall TV antennas are located. Every once in a while you can spot a News Van in or around one of the airports.


This is a racing motorcycle. Your going to like it, I promise.
Speed and handling:Far and away the fastest motorcycle in all of San Andreas. Has great top-end speed, fantastic acceleration, and is possibly the fastest land vehicle in the game. The steering is solid, too, but be careful at those top speeds because anyone in any vehicle can spin out of control when going that fast. I suggest staying away from wet grass when on an NRG-500, but then I suggest that for any of the GTA motorcycles. The NRG-500 is easy for doing wheelies, perhaps too easy, so be careful when taking off.
Locations:There is an NRG-500 in the dock warehouse just West of the Import/Export sign in San Fierro. There’s also one in a car garage in East Beach in Los Santos, but you might have to look around for it since the garage is several floors.


The Oceanic is a four-door sedan based upon various models of cars from the 1950s and 1960s.
Speed and handling: They do come faster, but this vehicle handles really well and can’t take turns easy enough. Acceleration is nothing special.
Locations:The Oceanic is a fairly common vehicle in Los Santos, especially around Santa Maria Beach and just about anyplace the Vagos gang is located like Los Flores, East Beach and Las Colinas. But watch out because during the gang war section of the game, if you take over all of the Vagos territory, the Oceanic will no longer naturally spawn being driven on those streets.

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