How to Save Up to $500 Month

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In these tough economic times everyone can use some extra money each month to make ends meet. Below I have outlined some tips that may put up to an extra $500 a month back into your pocket.


You can have less tax taken out of your pay check by reducing the number of dependents you claim through out the year. This will depend if you have been receiving tax refunds every year when filing income taxes. If you have, then you can afford to reduce the number of dependents thereby receiving more money on each pay check. Just contact your HR department at work and let them know what you want to do.


If you are not already on a budget plan for your local utilities, contact a customer service representative and find out how much you can save on your monthly bills. This can add up to $100 or more each month.


Review your local phone bill to see what services you are paying for. Cancel any services you may not even use like call waiting, caller id, regional & long distance calling (don’t need this if you use a cell phone for long distance calling). If you have DSL through your local phone company, ask them if you can get a cheaper service. They usually offer a slower speed.


Cable and Internet Service- Review your cable bill and see what premium and movie channels you can do without. How many times do you watch the same movies on the movie channels? Internet service through your local cable company can also be reduced. Most cable companies will offer a slower internet service for less money. This is not advertised because they don’t want anyone to know about it.

Tip5 :

Cell phones- If you have two or more cell phones in your family make sure you are on a family plan. Also review your total usage for the month to see if you can purchase a cheaper plan.


Home Heating- Make sure you are using a programmable thermostat to save on un-necessary heating of your home.

Tip7 :

Grocery Shopping- Always stock up on things, you use, when they are on sale. This will save you money in the long run. Always look for sales and money saving coupons on the internet or in your local papers.

Tip8 :

Apply these same principles to any other bills you pay each month. You will be surprise how a simple phone call, to negotiate payment terms, will go. Most companies will work with you so that you can reduce your monthly payments.


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