Things A Woman Should Know Before Getting Married

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Marriage is a big step in life and each party involved in the marriage should learn how to be an expert in areas that most of their gender know well.  For example, there are many men that know how to cook well, but most of the most impressive cooking is done by ladies.  There are some ladies that are good at fixing up the house, but most hard labor around the home should be something a man should know about before he marries.  This article will outline five things that a woman should know before getting married.  It is understood that these areas do not necessarily attach a stereotype to the woman but rather bring out the strengths of more women than men.

1)  Cooking!  Woman should know before getting married, how to cook!  They may not be Rachel Ray week number one, but Ramen noodles should not be the only thing on the menu for the first year.  Men will probably be able to fill in, but most homes find that the woman is the expert in the area of cooking.  A little experimenting with the family will not hurt, but rather draw casual criticism from sis or bro rather than hubby.  Not only cooking, but learning how to buy groceries and maintain a reasonable budget and not spend ridiculous amounts of money at the grocery store.

2)  Learning how to drive!  This may sound simple, but driving a car is something a woman should know before getting married!  This is something many women already know, and it is something all women should know so that their is not a constant dependence on the husband being the chauffeur.  A little independence never hurt anyone!

3)  Sewing!  Sewing is a wonderful way to save money!  When preparing for children, sewing will come in handy in making the clothing for the children.  A seamstress can charge quite a bit more money than if the wife had a sewing machine and knew how to do a lot by hand.  During the engagement stage, there is time to learn how to sew and read a few books on how to do it.  Sewing is something a woman should know before getting married.

4)  Knowing a little about decorating!  It is been said that the woman is the life of the house.  Decorating is something some men know a little about, but the woman has this category mastered.  Why is it that a man always asks a man what tie goes with what shirt?  The answer is she has taste and he doesn’t.  Reading a book or two and being observant of different styles will be good in preparing for a new place to live.

5)  Preparing to be organized!  No man wants a sloppy wife!  Knowing how to be neat and clean is an attention getter for a man and she will be much more appreciated if she is organized.

“Proper prior planning prevents poor performance” was quoted by an unknown person, but they sure did describe what could be of a marriage that is not prepared.  The engagement stage is there for a reason, and one of those reasons is to prepare for marriage.  A woman, well prepared in these five areas, makes for an incredible wife.


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