Best Easy Exercises For Lowering Your Blood Pressure

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If you happen to visit your family physician and after investigation, he discovers that you have high blood pressure, also commonly known as “Hypertension” you must take the necessary steps to lower your blood pressure in consultation with your doctor because a high blood pressure may even lead to heart attacks or strokes. And from some of the effective ways to lower your blood pressure you may also have to do some exercise.

Recent studies conducted so far have put forth the conclusion that most aerobic exercises that keep large muscles in use for long periods like workouts, brisk walking etc is a good way for lowering blood pressure but it may take several months. As a matter of fact from the “National Institutes of Health conference” results, it has been found that aerobic exercises reduce resting blood pressure in people who have hypertension by about 11 points of the top number and 9 points of the bottom number and that is for sure, enough to bring back your blood pressure to normal.

Everyone has his specific needs upon how high is his blood pressure so, before doing any exercise, you have to talk to your doctor, and he may suggest you to supply your program with some possible changes or add some type of drugs.

Something to take care before doing any exercise in the beginning is to start your program at a slow pace and then gradually go on increasing your exercise routine. Most often in the beginning the exercise may cause an increased supply of blood to the heart so you should not get afraid as the effects are only temporary. In such a case the doctor may also prescribe you some medications to take before carrying out any workouts.

So, after what you know, you may ask what is the best exercise to do to lower your blood pressure? Let me tell you then.

It is for sure that one of the only persons who can help you to find the best type of exercise is your doctor who knows what exactly is your case, but two of doctors may have their different opinions that walking is not good in all cases, all best studies show that walking is effective in lowering blood pressure than any other type of hard aerobics exercises, but for advise take it step by step don’t begin it with high distances, begin it with little and increase it from time to time and you can also make it a daily exercise. You can also try jogging, stationary or outdoor bicycling, swimming, rowing, using a stair-stepper, or low-impact aerobics, any of them can work out but be sure to choose that according to your fitness level.

You may also carry out some of the exercises for upper part of the body, sure its ok, you can use it in lowering your blood pressure, but take the necessary care not to carry out any heavy exercises like lifting of weights because it may higher the rate of blood pressure and also prove to be dangerous.

At last but not the least once you choose a specific type of exercise according to your interest, you and your doctor must arrange the exercise programs and schedule to be effective and safe. You will surely feel healthy during the exercise routine and above all it will also help in lowering your blood pressure.


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