Elementalist Posession Stances: Guide to the Beginning Sword of the New World Elementalist Stances

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Elementalists in Sword of the New World can call upon the forces of fire, cold and lightning to bring destruction to their foes and to a lesser extent support their allies and party members. Elementalist characters will start out knowing the possessions. The maximum level for all stances in Sword of the New World is 25.

The attack patterns in each stance follow a basic pattern. The first attack in a stance is a high damage ability that affects a small area, the second spell in all the stances improves the resistance, the third ability is an area attack and the fourth spell in each stance does not follow a set pattern, but is usually a high damage attack. The Activate Mana ability is not unique to a given stance, but is useful to all of them. Activate Mana and the resistance abilities require an elemental orb to be used which can be purchased in any city in the game.

The Possession Fire

Although a character does not need to equip a bracelet appropriate to each stance to use any elemental stance, equipping an appropriate elemental bracelet increases the characters striking power. Players may have the character equip two bracelets at the same time, provided that the character can use them and the bracelets are of different level.

Using the possession fire stance enables the elementalist to hurl blasts of fire at his enemies. The first spell, fireball affects one to three targets, and the second ability raises the elementalist’s party’s resistance to fire attacks.

The Possession Cold

When fighting in the possession cold stance, the elementalist hurls icy blasts as this foes. The first ability hurls shards of ice at nearby foes, the second spell boosts the party’s resistance to cold based attacks, and the third ability is an area attack that creates a sphere of ice that damages all enemies in the area. The fourth spell, which is also an area attack centers on the elementalists and assaults enemies who wonder into the area with an ice attack that comes in waves during its duration.

The Possession Lightning

The Sword of the New World elementalist who chooses to fight in this stance hurls electrical charges at nearby enemies. The abilities in the possession lightning stance in sword of the New World follow the same pattern as the other stances.

Lightning bolt hurls a powerful electrical blast at a single charge, lightning resistance improves the resistance of the elementalist’s party against lighting, shockwave is an area effect attack centered on the elementalists that can affect up to seven targets, and tornado hold is the most powerful spell in the possession lightning stance.

The Resistance Abilities in the Possession Stances

Each possession stance in Sword of the New World can boost the resistances of the elementalist’s party against the attacks of its elemental type. Using one of these abilities also lowers resistances in an opposing stance. When facing a boss monster who uses a certain elemental type, a player of an elementalist character should switch to the stance that gives his party resistances against the attack before the fight, then switch to an different element’s possession stance.


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