10 rules for the NEW YEAR

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The end of a year is here…the end of a decade actually and it’s the time that most of us make our resolutions, or intentions for the upcoming year. It’s a great time to re-think our lives, re-sort priorities, re-clarify our goals, re-new and re-start fresh in the direction where we want to be, with both personal goals and business goals.It’s never too late to make new goals and to reach for new dreams.   Make 2010 your best year yet by following some simple pointers.

1-If you can’t pay cash for it, don’t buy it.This should be taught to everyone high school age and on. Credit cards are bad news! Working for your money and then being able to buy something  with it is much more rewarding anyway.

2-Eat less, exercise more. Basically remember we eat to live, not live to eat. Fruits, vegetables, and grains  are the staples of a good meal, not processed garbage that clogs arteries, causes weight gain and sluggishness.You can read just about any health magazine to see all the latest research.

3-If you want to be loved, be lovable. Smile more, relax more, laugh more….not only will others feel good around you, you will attract more love and feel better yourself.

4-Do something FUN each day. be like a kid and get on the floor, watch a funny movie, read the comics, play a game. Life is not all that serious. Take time to have fun and laugh.

5-Be grateful. Having a grateful heart , a truly grateful heart, just feels good and it always gets us MORE to be grateful for.

6-Learn something new each day. Never shut yourself off to learning ..there is just SO much out there to know.

7- Try something new ! Like learning something new, go out and actually try a new food, try a new sport, go somewhere you’ve never gone before. Life’s an adventure-have fun exploring it!

8-Talk less, listen more. No one wants to hear your rambling problems. Sage advice. Remember what Grandma’s say- 2 ears, 1 mouth. Use it wisely.

9-Remember, the glass is half full. Always. It just doesn’t serve us to be anything other than optismistic.

10-NEVER give up on your dreams. And never stop dreaming. As they say, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Keep reaching for the stars and make 2010 a year to SHINE!


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