SotNW Sword Stances The Beginning Stances for Sword of the New World Warriors

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Warriors are capable of using many weapons in Sword of the New World. The warrior’s task remains the same as it does in other mmorpgs: to take damage while the rest of the character’s party does their jobs.

The beginning stances up to level twenty will get a player started with his warrior character. Some are more defensive and others are more offensive in nature. The In-Help feature of Sword of the New World can give a player a brief overview, but it does not help the player decide when to use each stance

Bare Knuckles

This is not a sword stance per se, nor is it exclusive to the warrior class. The bare knuckles stance is the hand to hand combat stance in Sword of the New World and does not have any abilities associated with it. On the positive side, a player need not have a weapon equipped to use it. Ideally, unless a player wants to increase the warrior’s level in this stance, it should never be used.

Back Guard

Back guard is the first sword stance the warrior learns in Sword of the New World and is more offensive than defensive in nature. All a warrior needs to use this stance is a sword, although a shield can add to his defense.

High Guard

High guard is a defensive stance that requires a player to equip a shield. High Guard becomes available when a warrior has a level of twelve in the back guard stance. It is stance that helps a Sword of the New World warrior fill the role of the class most effectively.

Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash is a dual-wielding stance that exists to deal out as much damage to the enemies as possibly using two melee weapons. When a warrior in Sword of the World does not have to tank, this stance may be more appropriate than high guard or back guard.

Heaven or Hell

This warrior stance involves the combination of a sword and a pistol. Warriors can gain access to many musketeer stances provided they reach high enough levels. Before a character can use this sword stance, he must have a sword and a handgun equipped. The warrior is now able to shoot opponents at short range to weaken them and then finish monsters off up close. Like the previous stance, the Heaven or Hell warrior word stance is about dealing damage.

Other Stances

Sword of the New World Warriors have more stances than any other class in the game, and the stances listed above are only the basic sword attacks that characters can learn before level 20. Warriors can learn shooting stances that the musketeers have and rapier stances that are unique to the class. (The distinction is due to the design of the game.


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