Posture Is a Talletale- What does how you cross your legs really say about you!

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      To some of the country’s leading psychiatrists, how people pose their feet and legs when sitting is not merely a matter of chance.  These mind doctors say your at-ease postures tell plenty about your personality.

     For instance, in the case of women, here is what some feet and leg shenanigans may indicate psychologically.

     The leg twister.  The female who intertwines her legs isn’t really interested in giving a contortinist a run for his money.  She’s subconsciously trying to call attention to her underpinnings (stockings)-even though she’d be the first to protest she’s  “not that kind of girl.”

     The slipper jitterbug.  Her incessant dangling of a shoe on the tip of her toe would do credit to a professional juggler.  And the real reason is plain old fashioned nervousness, say the mental wizards.  Her foot action is very apt to have all the psychological implications of fingernail biting.

     The curler-upper.  This kittenish gal plunks her feet under her every time she sits on an overstuffed sofa.  Don’t let her sell you on the idea that her legs are too short to reach the floor.  There’s probably a lot more involved -including the emotional immaturity shown in this “throwback to infantilism”  (childish)  pose.

     The slow leg-crosser- With plenty of skirt soothing tugging over the knees.  Not so much a Victorian hangover of modesty on this lady part as below-consciousness firtationsness. 

But there’s another side to the story. The menfolks’ neither pinnings can tell tales, too.

     The leg stretcher-outer.  Frequently a six-footer, he doesn’t bother to jacknife the offending members no matter how many people stumble across him in theaters, hotel lobbies, and train aisles.  “A very find specimen in his own comfort than other people’s inconvencience,”  is the official verdict.

      The dapper leg-crosser- With ankles hugged together and one toe ponted precisely downward.  This way of sitting is often a commonmark of the perfectionist-the ambitious, on-the -way-to-the-top man whose every action is characterized by finished perfection.

      The feet-hoister.  The man who’s given to putting his feet on a desk, table, or window sill while he talks or reads, is usually the complete extrovert.  Often found in executive positions,  he is apt to have no doubts of his own importance and self-sufficency.

      The sloppy sitter- usually one leg carelessly resting on the other knee.  Gives every indication of being the self-satisfied individualist who “doesn’t give a darn” what people think of him or his untidy pose.       


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