How to spice up your dinner tonight

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Okay so it is 30 minutes till dinner time and you are so bored with everything that you usually make.  Do you make the hamburger helper, the mac and cheese, mashed potatoes or just head out to drive thru?  Well before you drive off to the nearest fast food joint, think about making your usual with some pizzazz. Here are a few tips to add some difference to the everyday.
Here are five simple tips and tricks to make your dinner different and fun tonight.

  • Add a salad to your dinner.  Try using a different dressing or with fruit or nuts in it.
  • Decided to add a theme to dinner and make it fun. An example would be Hawaiian night. Make salad with pineapple, chicken and rice with onions and pineapple and a pineapple upside down cake for dessert
  • Add a different vegetable to your menu.  Instead of having corn because that is what you always have with this try having green beans or carrots instead.  A small change, but sometime you find something you like better than what you have been doing.
  • Try fresh herbs in your dinner and have fun with them.  There are so many of these to choose from and can be grown in your kitchen or found in the produce section of your supermarket.
  • Try changing one keep ingredient in the dish.  Like instead of making mashed potatoes make mashed sweet potatoes instead or instead of grilled steaks try grilled portabella mushrooms.

Try these few simple tricks and mix and match them up.  I am sure that once you get your creative juices flowing a wonderful dinner is sure to follow.  Repeat for the rest of the week and enjoy.


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