Danish Apple Cake

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I remember waking  up one morning, it must have been a few days before Christmas. It was still dark, and I looked at my clock and saw it was only 6h30.  I sat up in my bed and heard noises coming  from the kitchen, so i slowly got up and started to walk towards the kitchen to see what was happening.  As I was opening the kitchen door, my grandmother went through the doorway and said” What’s you doing up so early Girl?’  She scared the hell out of me.  So she invited me in to help her out with her baking.   She kindly offered a glass of milk and some toasts with jam. Which I ate in  a hurry becasue I wanted to help my grandmother really quickly.  And so I finished my toasts and milk.   ”Grandma, what do you want me to  now?”  My grandmother, said to me, ”go get some apples, we’re gonna be baking some great Danish Apple Cake for Christmas”.   And so I went to get t

he apples and whatever she needed because I loved her and I also loved baking so much, and I loved to learn.  Every year we made many recipes together.  Oh, how wonderful it was.Oh, how miss those days.  That’s why I  kept on baking and I tried to put her recipes to paper but to my taste.

This recipe is in honor of my grandmother, just as are most of my recipes are in honor of her.

What youi will need for this cake:

1 3/4 cup flour

3  tsp     baking powder

3/4  tsp     salt

1/2   cup     tenderflake,or Crisco / I also replace a certain amount with applesauce

1   cup   sugar

1                  egg

1 1/2  tsp     vanilla

3/4   cup      milk

2                   apples  peeled, cored, cut into thin quarter slices.

1/4    cup     sugar

1   tsp      cinamon

What to do:

Take the grease and the sugar and put int medium bowl.  Cream the grease and the sugar with the mixer at medium speed until it is creamy and then add the egg and beat it untill it is light  and fluffy.  Stop the beater.  Add the vanilla and the milk.

Make certain that you measure and sift all your dry ingredients.  Add your dry ingredients to the creamy textured ingredient bowl and mix just enough.

Then pour into a greased loaf pan.

Place the apples in straight line on the cake mix and slightly press.  Sprinkle the cake top with sugar and cinamon.

Bake at 350F for about 45 minutes.

This is such  great desert you will want seconds, but watch the waist. You can serve this at any occasion. But my Nana realy loves to serve it to u at Christmas, it was out tradition.

How about you?  What’s your meal tradition for Christmas?


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