How to love a Wife better

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I don’t know where to begin with this article well give it a try. I really don’t know where I would be without the love and understanding I get from my wife.  I know truly that woman of mine loves me to death.   Here are I few things that Ive been doing more to show more love to my wife. You can: Listen to her. Look into her eyes when you speak. Tell her you love her. Show her that you love her in every way. When you touch her pretend she is a rare fragile Stradivarius violin. Speak softly to her. Put her high on a pedestal for the world to see. Do her laundry.  Take her out to dinner at least once a week or just cook for her yourself. Pamper her. Carry her. Tell your wife how much you cant live without her doing this in front of friends and family makes her feel real special on sure.. Wash the dishes more. Treat her with the highest respect. Ask her opinion more often. Let her drive more. Flirt more with her. Kiss her on the neck when nobody’s looking. Go foodshopping. Do some fun stuff with the kids more. Encourage her to go to a girl friends place for a “girls night”. Last but not least…. Just KNOW she is the best part of YOU.  Writings these articles has made me “Take my own advise” on many different levels. I will be adding more to this article so come back when you can.  I just wanted to get it started.


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