How to be a better grandpa

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Things you can do to be a good grandpa. Be gentle. Be slow when moving when they come around. Speak softly. Never show or make any scary faces or gestures. Be kind. Buy them things like ice cream and simple toys. Now that I am a grandpa many things have passed in my life. I believe in my heart that I need to leave wonderful warm images for them kids to remember. Good times. Hopefully when they growup they will remember of how it was to be young, carefree and loved especially by grandpa. I want these images of me to be with them their whole lives. I really have fond memories of my grandpa. I am going to emulate for them MY grandpa the best I can. I miss him dearly and those times were warm and wonderful happy days. One more thing to help be a good grandpa. Every chance you get hold them up and look them in their beautiful eyes and tell them they are the most wonderful most smartest kids in the whole entire world. Im a new grandpa and I can tell you that Im onto something here because I can tell they understand me. They light up like super nova’s when I tell them those things. I did not write this to knock any granpa’s out there. I just want to be a good grandpa and If you are not doing these things yet? Then start doing them and you will be even a better one. Peace Out!.


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