Everyone Swears & Nobody Cares – But If You Praise God- The Politically Correct Police Will Find You

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When I grew up it was a rare incident to hear someone swear in public. Now if you walk by eleven and twelve year olds you hear them using foul language as they trade baseball cards. Fowl language is bad enough but what has made people take God’s name in vain (J.C.) more than anything else? Could it be the massive movie and t.v. industry that has such a negative influence on the youth in this country as well as the adults? I would say yes, the industry is not only a major influence but one of the main reasons people disrespect the name of Christ in our societyOf course many of our youth are swearing if they hear it from their parents or guardians but these days they are getting it from everywhere. It’s really unforturnate how vulgar the speech of our children has become. But what is really pathetic is the fact that it’s the adults that have made it socially acceptable. Especially those in the television and movie industry. Their powerful influence has made it become acceptable to swear anywhere. People at a function or a party don’t even flinch if someone swears or says God’s name in vain. In some offices the language is out of control but workers are afraid to speak up about it. Years ago it was rare to be in the work place and hear foul language. If someone swore they would immediately apologize. Unfortunately, things have changed. All you need to do is walk though a crowd and hear disgusting language as people pass by. Since the television and movie industry have escalated in vulgarity over the years, so has society. Even in major grocery stores young workers are swearing in their conversation and totally ignore the fact that a customer is standing right next to them. It’s outrageous! What is going on? Is it just so out of control now that there is no turning back? Why don’t people speak up when the movie industry keeps putting the wrong “ratings” on their vulgar movies. Some PG ratings will have extensive swearing and even sex and should be rated “R”. It’s not only sad that the movie industry is getting away with it but it’s getting even worse. Now the cable companies are even allowing swearing when they show a commerical/ trailer for a movie without any warning ahead of time. Is Hollywood so powerful in our society that parents have lost total control as to what their children view or hear.

I think most discouraging thing about swearing in society, movies, etc.. is the fact that it is o.k. to swear and even take God’s name in vain everywhere you go. Yet to pray in public or say the name of Jesus in reverance has almost become a crime. Television, comedy and especially the movie industry has turned a precious holy name to many Americans into a constant blasphemy. People are constantly apologizing to eachother on the news, television, talk shows, etc. because someone, somewhere has been terribly offended by what someone has said. Well, yes, I think people should stop offending other people and apologize when necessary. People should respect others BUT we also want to make sure that we protect our freedom of speech.  I think freedom of speech is the most precious thing we have in this country so people should be able to say what they want. Since everyone is demanding an apology shouldn’t that include Christians? Should people be allowed to blaspheme something so precious as the name of Jesus constantly and not be held accountable. Why isn’t anyone apologizing to God for blaspheming His name over and over? Why aren’t Christians speaking out more and demanding that this be stopped? Sadly,it’s only going to get worse. What a shame that respect has gone out the door but especially for God. Respect for God and His precious name is rapidly diminishing. How very sad. Maybe if people started to respect our Lord and His precious name instead of blaspheming it, our country would be blessed by Him again.


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