Treatments for a dog allery in Humans

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There are standard drugs that are meant to treat dog allergies in humans. Once establishing that you are actually suffering from dog allergy, your doctor may prescribe you the right type of dog allergy drug:

Decongestants – it is used for treating nose related problems caused by dog allergies. It relieves stuffiness and swelling in the nose. Allerga-D and Sudafed are the common Decongestants used.

AntihistaminesIt is used as a preventive measure as it blocks off the chemical that stimulates dog allergy symptoms. Some of them are available in the form of nasal sprays and they are very handy. Common types of Antihistamines are Claritin, Zyrtec, Astelin and Benadryl.

Prescription Steroids – These are used for controlling dog allergy symptoms in different ways. Common prescription steroids are Nasonex or Flonase; they are in spray form.

Allergy Shots – People suffering from dog allergies can also go for allergy shots. This is a long term treatment but it works for few only. Your doctor will determine if it will work for you or not and if it does it is really effective but it will take years for the course to complete.

Although there are many medicines available that can help you relieve from a dog allergy but it is better to take preventive measures and control the environmental factors in such a  way that no dog allergy is caused which will lead you take medicine.

Always maintain your distance from dogs if you are suffering from dog allergy.  Do not visit your friends that keep dogs. If you can not help it then ask your host to keep the dog in another room while you are there.

If you know you are going to a house that has a dog, take your medicine as a preventive measure a few weeks before you make the visit.

If you are expecting a visit from a dog owner, also take your medicine as your visitor may be carrying dog dander unknowingly as it clings to everything around.

If you live in a household that has a dog and you can not do otherwise but live there, follow the following advice:

Purchase a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter and use it regularly as it catches the allergens and will keep the environment clean.

Do not use any rugs or carpets instead use tiles. Use a few furniture items as possible and the furniture should be not overstuffed or dusty. Keep it clean to be simple.


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