Get Your Baby or Child Into Modeling

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First thing is does the child LOVE being in front of the camera ? Is the child interested in trying modeling out? If it’s a yes, proceed.

If your child is 5 or under, get a good, clear close-up photo of his/her face. And one full length shot. Make sure your child is clean, and hair is combed. Make sure there are no distractions in the photo, and the child is wearing a solid colored shirt . The goal is to make the child and his/her look/natural features stand out.

Get a stat sheet, or a plain sheet of typing paper (this is the child’s info) of his/her age, weight, height, size, shoe size,etc. There will also be a section where you give a brief description of his/her special abilities. Nothing too big. Is your child a master at the hula-hoop? Put it under skills and abilities. Does your child love to dance for fun? That is something to add. Can he/she do the splits or do tricks on the trampoline? Basically, something that adds that extra bit of character to the child. Add the date at the bottom of the stat sheet. For example, 3/08. Line the photos (about 3×5’s) on the page with the info and get about 9 high-resolution photo copies. Send them to agencies that take child talent.

Things to Keep In Mind:

If your child is over 5, the agency may suggest getting professional photos. The other thing you can do is give a professional photographer in the making your time with a photo session. You get beautiful photos on a cd, and they have more professional photo work under their belt to add to a resume. And everyone does it for free. You can look under under your state. Look under talent. They have photographers. That is also a wonderful place to find other modeling work. Just put in key words under the search bar, “child, stock photo,baby, extras, etc.” You can also look up all kinds of film work. They list ads for extra’s in movies, commercial work, etc. You just have to look.

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  • Keep a few extra stat/resumes on hand of your child.
  • When you go to a go see, or movie for extra’s work,etc, take a copy of the resume. Leave it with the Director. Get your child’s name out there. Part of getting work is going to the audition.
  • Keep in mind that minorities are in higher demand. If your child is of Mexican or Indian heritage, mention that on the resume. That WILL get them the higher advantage in a lot of work.
  • Don’t spend money just to be with the agency. They make money when you get work, not the other way around.
  • Be wary of the talent ads on craigslist. Many are legit. But, you have to use common sense.
  • Have fun with it. Make it a positive experience for your child. But realize it is a buisness. They want you to be professional when you go to get work. And when/if your child gets a part, they will want him/her to be professional.
  • If your child doesn’t get the part, don’t take it personally. It’s not necessarily the child. There’s loads of rejection in this field.

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