5 Alternatives to PTC Sites

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PTC sites have become very popular as more and more people go online looking for ways to make a little extra cash. PTC sites are simple in theory, and a waste of time in reality. One must click links and view advertisements for a predetermined amount of time (usually 30 seconds) for at least two months to get paid. To combat this, clickers can refer new users to the PTC site using their link. This is easy for some and very difficult for others. It is often said in the online world that the only way to really earn at PTC sites are with referrals. That is true, but the heartbreaking part is when you lose all your referrals when the site stops paying and becomes a scam. Also, except for a select few, no one knows when a site will become a scam. This is true even for sites like Neobux, considered the best PTC site. There are always upgrade options, but why invest in a site that could go scam tomorrow? Here are 5 alternatives to PTC sites.

1. myLot
MyLot is one of the few legit sites that has been around for over four years, longer than most PTC sites. It is an online community of people from all around the world that come together and have discussions on their interests. There is no fixed pay per post, but that is what makes myLot unique. There are a variety of people from those that help you, give you a shoulder to cry on, and give you a reality check. There is always someone willing to help and another one to sympathasize with you. It’s a place where everyone can be themselves and feel at home. There is truly no other online community like it.
The creators of myLot have not abandoned it, adding new features and new ways of earning money. In recent years the profile page has gotten a major facelift, making it easier to customize. The new Tasks section adds a get-paid-to to myLot, but the tasks are by myLot users themselves so you can always contact them if necessary. Lastly, myLot is easy to use and navigate. If people looked carefully, they would be able to find what the wanted. $10 minimum payout via Paypal on the 15th of every month.

2. Associate Content
Associated Content is one of the more popular paid to write sites. It allows you to submit content in anyway, including articles, videos, and images. You submit your original content, and get paid for site impressions. As there are many users on AC, it is sometimes hard to gain impressions. This is why you must find an unsaturated topic. Think about what you’re good at and then think oustside the box. Something new and unique will come up sooner or later. This is important for page views and to stand out of the crowd.
AC has a verification process by phone, so it is important to provide accurate information. You must be 18 years or older, or 13 years or older and have parent consent. The more you write, the faster you can earn. Earnings start at $1.50 per 1000 page views.

3. Review Stream/Shared reviews
Review Stream is one of the many review sites out there. It is another paid to write type of site and as the name suggests, you write reviews to earn money. Review sites such as Review Stream are becoming more and more popular and therefore more have turned into scams. So although review sites are more reliable than PTC sites and fall into the paid to write category, you should still watch out for those too-good-to-be-true offers. For review sites, it helps if you write the review in a word processor such as Microsoft Word to check for spelling and grammatical errors as well as using the word count tool.

4. Cafepress/Zazzle
Cafepress and Zazzle are two of the many online custom stores available. After creating an account and logging in, you can proceed in creating your own custom products. Let me explain further. You choose a product and create a custom design by uploading a photo and the site automatically adds your design to the product. You set a royalty percentage and whenever someone purchases one of your custom products, you are paid that royalty fee. The nice thing about these two sites is that you do not have to worry about production costs or shipping. They handle everything; all you need to do is bring the customers.

5. Affiliate programs
Affiliate programs are a simple way to make money promoting and selling other people’s products and can include ebooks, software, web hosting, and just about anything else that you can sell. When you make a sale using your affiliate link, the site will pay you a percentage of the sale. For example, let’s say Bob signs up with Affiliate site A. He sells a $100 product and will receive a 50% commission. Therefore Bob just made $50. Some popular affiliate sites include Amazon and Clickbank. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people waiting for someone to sell their products. Take advantage of it!


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