Jewellery And Bring Back Trends

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Jewellery has been around for centuries and styles have changed through-out time as well. People have gone up and down with their sense of taste, where one minute it`s a certain style and then the trend seems to shift backwards again. With this yo-yo effect it`s hard to know what is in style now and what isn`t. There are some pieces of jewellery that are new and very hot as well as some old styles that are very trendy to sport.

Diamond rings are used as a sign of engagement and marriage. And they can signify something important such as giving a daughter a diamond cluster. The style of rings has changed over the years. In the 1930`s to 1950`s wedding rings and engagement rings were often in a white gold color with a few small diamonds on top.

Where as in the 1960`s to 1980`s the diamonds slowly started getting bigger and the bands became more popular in yellow gold. In the 80`s and 90`s as well, wedding bands seemed to have a different style to them. It was common to see someone wearing one with ripples in the band or swirling patterns and the diamonds often followed the trail of the band`s design.

Today wedding rings and bands are designed differently in the sense that it is simpler and bigger. Bands are typically plan or crested with small diamonds, however you won`t see a band that has any sort of band that isn`t diamond. And diamonds are usually in solitaire form or in sets of two or three. Sometimes you can tell when a person got married by looking at their rings.

Earrings are something many women wear on their ears. They are common for day time wear and evening wear. In the past loops used to be highly popular with everyone wearing them. And the bigger the better! It was not unusual to see a teenager sporting two huge gold earrings and in fact women of all ages loved wearing hoops of all sizes.

Now however it is not very common to see. Usually earrings are worn at night and are fairly small. They are not flashy nor do they stand out in anyway. For daytime use, many women where small studs or small earrings that are so unnoticeable that many people do not even notice earrings on women anymore as much as we used to.

Necklaces have been worn by women for many years. In the past it was typical to see women wearing gold or silver necklaces with charms on them. They would say things like grandma of the year or number one mom. In fact those types of necklaces were very popular in the 90`s and in the 80`s it was trendy to wear lockets around your neck with pictures inside.

Today however it is rare to see someone with a locket or a charm around their neck, now people are wearing art around their neck. People tend to wear brighter and bigger necklaces. It is almost reflective of the 80`s where big beads and bold colors were also seen on the necklace. In stores shelves are full of huge pendants and bright colors; they seem to accent wardrobes or add color to a plain outfit.

Jewellery has changed over the years as our taste has in many things. It can often be told when a piece was made just by looking at it. Some jewellery fades away and never returns while other styles are brought back, the important thing is to have fun with it and wear what makes you happy!

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