Happiness has arrived!

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Life has never been so good.

Here I am at forty years old and Happier than ever. I thought for sure I would never make it this far. I know I should not be by all rights, but I am happier than ever before. I lost my job. All that means is more time for my family. That makes me happier. I got bills due, what’s new about that? I have mouths to feed. I can prepare the food and make sure of what they eat. I need money now. I needed money before when I had a job. The whole country is going down the tubes according to the news. I don’t remember a time the whole country was not going down the tubes according to the news. Wait, yes there was, a while back when the whole world was going down the tubes. So actually the country going down the tubes is an improvement isn’t it? Improvement makes me happy! My roof leaks now, the good side is I do not have to water my house plants. I lost twenty thousand dollars in the market this year. No good side there you say, I say I stress less because I am not worrying about losing all my money. I did not set out to find these kinds of silver linings in the big dark clouds. Now that I am standing in the big dark clouds I realize if you look up you can still see sunlight and that makes me smile.


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