Tips to Get Flatter, Sexier Abs

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First, if you are generally not too overweight to begin with this article may help you. However if you are more overweight I’m not so sure if it will. Star by changing how you eat a little. Don’t eat out of boredom, or tiredness or stress.

Only eat until you are full. Avoid eating to the point where you feel like you are bloated or until you could float out of the room. That causes your stomach to stretch and you don’t want it to adjust to eating more food.

While you want to try and eat healthy, you can still enjoy some of your fave foods. A small amount of chocolate a day is not going to completely sabotage trimming your waistline. Do try to get lots of veggies and fiber in your diet, and drink as much water as you can.

The biggest thing (at least for me) is to make sure you get a good minimum 30-minute cardio workout six days a week. I like Zumba and Taebo. A combination of pilates, kick boxing, dancing, running, tennis, and many other cardio workouts out there will fill this spot. Just make sure you don’t dread it. In fact, aim for it being kind of fun.

A fun, and very rewarding part? Measuring progress. Do a beginning measurement. A few days or a week later, go back and measure again. You may have already trimmed a half inch from your abs. This is a huge motivator in itself! Another thing is to take progress photos once a week and put your measurement when you took the photo.

I have seen progress with this first hand. The key for me is to not let my body wind up in starvation mode.

If you are more overweight, this may not work. You may need a more structured diet. If you try this anyway, just be aware.


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