NFL Week 17 Team Power Rankings

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The 2010 NFL Playoffs are almost here and teams are gearing up to make Super Bowl runs.

What teams are the best according to the power rankings heading into the playoffs? Read on to find out which NFL squads are the best of the best heading into the second season.

2010 NFL Week 17 Power Rankings

1. Indianapolis Colts-

The Colts are the top team in the NFL Playoff Power Rankings going into the last week despite their first loss in week 16 because of their body of work. This team still has some holes and flaws but the offense is top-notch and the defense makes plays.

2. San Diego Chargers-

If the Chargers were in the NFC, they’d be the favorite most likely even over the Saints because of their defense and more balanced attack. For now they are second in the NFL Playoff Power Rankings.

3. New Orleans Saints-

The don’t always win pretty but no one does to be honest. Fans shouldn’t read too much into the Bucs loss, either.

4. Minnesota Vikings-

Tough loss to the Bears but the playoff power rankings have Minnesota higher in this case than Philly because of their 8 Pro Bowlers and more balance overall on offense.

5. Philadelphia Eagles-

Philly is a team capable of beating anyone in the playoffs but they’ll need to run it better to make a playoff run.

6. New England Patriots-

The defense seems short on talent but the scheming gets it done. And any team with Tom Brady and Randy Moss and a good record like New England deserves a nice spot in the NFL playoff power rankiings.

7. Dallas Cowboys-

Tony Romo is on fire and the defense is solid leading them to a high spot in these NFL Playoff Power Rankings. The NFC playoffs will be interesting to say the least.

8. Arizona Cardinals-

An aggressive defense and a veteran QB with Super Bowl experience galore makes the Cards a playoff threat again in the NFC heading into the playoffs.


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