Minimizing Colds and Flu: Home, Commuting, and Work

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    Having a cold/flu can be draining. It is hard to taste your food, your body feels like a truck has hit it, and your mind wonders because you may feel aches/pains. Here are some tips to minimize your chances of getting colds/flus while at home, commuting, and at work as well as a few suggestions for recovery if you do experience a cold/flu.


  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen daily since are the most used rooms. 
  • Wash and dry hands before cooking to prevent germs from spreading.
  • Maintain your health by not smoking since this may compromise your immunity.


  • Keep a tissue handy when pressing stop buttons and using the stairs and escalators.
  • Wash your hands when you arrive at work before you enjoy breakfast or a snack.
  • Use part of your newspaper to sit on.


  • Minimize/avoid close contact with coughing/sneezing co-workers.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products on your phone/desk/computer.
  • Limit borrowing office supplies and keep track of your own.
  • General Tips If You Get a Cold/Flu:
  • Make sure you eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables to keep your immune system strong. Also, enjoy enjoy more rest/sleep.
  • Keep your stress down by rescheduling activities until you feel better.
  • Delegate cleaning/household chores among family/children/roommates to prevent yourself from overscheduling.
  •  Allow more time for finishing any business/work projects.
  • Take any medications as prescribed and follow your doctor’s advice.

     Having a cold/flu is preventable but if you do feel unwell stay away from your neighbors/co-workers when possible and explain to your family so they can be aware of your health concerns.


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